As it relates to this document “the season” refers to the time period beginning with the first (home or away) NWSL regular season match, MLS regular season match, US Open Cup match, CONCACAF Champions League match, Club World Cup match and ends with either the last (home or away) MLS regular season match, MLS playoff match, US Open Cup match, CONCACAF Champions League match, or Club World Cup match.


The Wall shall focus on supporting and promoting Orlando City and Orlando Pride. Specifically, The Wall will work to build stronger camaraderie and cooperation between supporters clubs in a coordinated attempt to create the loudest, most creative, most passionate and visually stunning sporting experience in North American soccer.

The Board of The Wall:

The Board of The Wall shall consist of the leaders of each officially recognized supporters club with the Presidents of each supporter club serving as directors.


Any supporter club seeking entry into The Wall must have at a minimum 300 verified dues paying members and at least 150 season ticket holders. The threshold requirements must be maintained each season to remain eligible for membership and representation in The Wall. An updated member list must be provided to The Wall and the Clubs prior to the first match of the season to remain eligible.


Please be aware that the capo stands, drum platform and first seven rows (rows A-G) of the Supporter's Section are designated areas for recognized members of the Iron Lion Firm, Ruckus and Black Swans Drinking Club ONLY. Only members of Iron Lion Firm, Ruckus or Black Swans Drinking Club can be in this area at any time. Stadium Guest Services and representation from the three Recognized Supporter Clubs will be present on the section's platform, heading down towards the field to check for valid membership identification. Please have your confirmation ready.

Any new supporter club wishing entry into The Wall must meet the following requirements:

  • 300 verifiable dues-paying members (150 of which must have season tickets)
  • Have an elected leadership group
  • Have a Constitution, By-laws, and Code of Conduct
  • Have the approval of two of the founding supporter clubs (The Ruckus and Iron Lion Firm)

All supporter clubs wishing to join The Wall who do not meet the minimum requirements for membership will be encouraged to seek “affiliate membership” through the existing supporter clubs.

Any supporters club within The Wall must financially contribute an equal portion to the TIFO and pyro/smoke fund. As such, each member will be required to help design, create, and implement TIFO. Each supporter club will also be required to help coordinate chants, music, and march-in’s in with the other members of The Wall.

Any member banned by a supporter club within The Wall will be added to the global ban list and prevented from joining any other Supporters Club within The Wall and removed permanently from the Supporters Club Section.

Any group interested in becoming a Recognized Supporter Club should contact Casey Mullen and Jessica Morgan.