Being in a Recognized Supporter Club is much more than standing behind the goal and singing your heart out for Orlando City and Orlando Pride. It's being part of a huge family, where everyone comes together to celebrate their love of the Beautiful Game. Recognized Supporter Clubs are responsible for creating the intimidating, raucous atmosphere that makes the stadium a fortress that opposition teams fear visiting.

Recognized supporter clubs have certain privileges, which include:

  • Use of flags and tifos
  • Use of drums / instruments
  • Use of controlled smoke
  • Seat on the Fan Advisory Council

To become a Recognized Supporter Club, any group must:

  1. Have a minimum of 300 people committed to paying Supporter Club membership dues
  2. Have a minimum of 150 season ticket members committed to join the group
  3. Establish a formal process for electing a minimum of five (5) leadership positions within the group
  4. Uphold and enforce the Fan Code of Conduct amongst its members.
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The Wall

The Wall is a coalition of Recognized Supporter Clubs that come together on match day. The Wall shall focus on supporting and promoting Orlando City and Orlando Pride. Specifically, The Wall will work to build stronger camaraderie and cooperation between supporters clubs in a coordinated attempt to create the loudest, most creative, most passionate and visually stunning sporting experience in North American soccer. For information on how your supporter club can join The Wall, click here.

Please be aware that the capo stands, drum platform and first seven rows (rows A-G) of the Supporter's Section are designated areas for recognized members of the Iron Lion Firm, Ruckus and Black Swans Drinking Club ONLY. Only members of Iron Lion Firm, Ruckus or Black Swans Drinking Club can be in this area at any time. Stadium Guest Services and representation from the three Recognized Supporter Groups will be present on the section's platform, heading down towards the field to check for valid membership identification. Please have your confirmation ready.

Any group interested in becoming a Recognized Supporter Club should contact Casey Mullen and Jessica Morgan.