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Kaká Talks Life After Soccer in Exclusive Interview with LionNation

In an exclusive interview with LionNation, Orlando City Team Captain Kaká sat down to talk about his soccer career, his role in Orlando, and his plans for life after soccer. The veteran player was clear about some of the goals that he has for his future and the plans that he has made.

“I do think about how it would be when I stop, what I would do and everything else,” Kaká said. “However, some things are very clear in my mind.  Also, after I stop, I want to take a year off. I have been playing since I was 8 years old and at 12 I already played at the amateur level, which I practiced every single day so I would like a year off where to travel, enjoy some time with my kids, and study.” 

“These are the three things that are very clear in my mind today: take a sabbatical year, study things related to soccer such as sports marketing, sports business and even a coaching course so I can have a different view,” Kaká continued. “Someone that has been a great soccer player doesn't necessarily mean that he will be a great coach, or  someone that has been involved with soccer for years doesn't necessarily mean that he will do something as good as he did while playing. I think a new beginning and a renovation is important so later on I can wait for some opportunities that may appear for me to stay in the sport.” 

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Kaká doesn’t plan on going anywhere for now. But at 34, he knows that his years left in the sport are numbered. The decision to leave will not be one that he takes lightly.

“I think a lot about this because I believe that time is approaching,” Kaká said. “I don't know how long my career is going to last yet but this is going be something that my body and mind are going to decide for me. Honestly, this is not something that I can decide in two days.”

One thing is for sure: when Kaká does decide to finish his soccer career, we know he’ll go out on a high note.

To watch the captain’s full 14 minute interview with LionNation, click here