Kaka Wall

The Ruckus and Iron Lion Firm had a special guest join them in cheering on Orlando City on Saturday night. Both Kaká and PC joined the Wall to cheer on the Lions as they took on Columbus. 

This marked the first time any Orlando City players joined up with the wall to cheer on the team and, due to unfortunate circumstances, Kaká was able to not only join the wall to support the team, but he also got the chance to take to the drums and help lead the drumline before and during the game.

“I was talking with some people in the club and I asked them if I could watch the game from the stands because of my suspension, and they said yes,” Kaká said on his time with the Wall. “The idea to come to the Wall came up, because I wanted to watch the game from that position to see and to feel what our supporters feel during the game and to understand better what is their situation. So, I had this opportunity to not play and I went there.”

Of course, when a former Ballon D’or winner takes to the stands to spend time with the fans, media from around the world tend to notice.

While spending time with the supporters, the Lions captain got a true feel for what it means to support the Lions. Now Kaká looks to take that passion and support from the stands to the pitch.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing atmosphere, it’s very, very good,” Kaká said, “When you’re there you see how they support the team in every moment. Even the moment that we conceded the goal, the supporters continued to sing and support the team. So, thank you to our supporters for everything they’ve done for us. Now I really know and feel what it is to support and to cheer for this team.”

Kaká ‘Feels What the Supporters Feel’ in the Wall -