Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja, Luis Muriel and Nico Lodeiro share their thoughts after loss to Columbus Crew


Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“Well, [we’re] frustrated with the game and the result. We did not create that sensation or put those things together in the game. But when you see the game, I thought we had the chances to find it and we couldn't score. They [Columbus] had some and the others I don't want to get deeper into. A lot of moments that frustrated us from decisions. That’s what we’re feeling right now, but the effort was there. The first half was very organized. We had a plan on conceding the space [to Columbus] and trying to use it, but we were not decisive on finishing and the PK [came] on a very difficult play. We couldn’t understand it. In the second half, we looked more unorganized. We were not as sharp collectively as the first half and we ended up giving up the second goal but lowered the frequency where we could have so many chances to score.”

On missing on the press

“It’s normal. I told the boys they did a great job of being very generous with the idea and discipline. But its normal in the second half when down 1-0, you want to push, and we started to jump and diving in places where we should have been more organized. But that’s due to their heart and trying to push and trying to look for spaces. I told them I understand their behavior. We didn't want it, but this is a group that wants to play and bounce back, and we’ve done it before. But Columbus is a good team, and they make you look like you’re conceding a lot of space and that’s what happened in the second half. Still, we created our chances, we created chances. I still don't know how some didn't end up in the goal, it’s frustrating.”

On changing the plan in the second half

“We didn't want to change, but the game is dynamic, and we start changing our behaviors on the pitch. But we had the game in control. What happened is our team is not used to conceding so much space and domination of the ball, but against Columbus, we wanted to do it so we can have the space we created in the first half.”

Orlando City SC Forward Luis Muriel

Opening Statement

“It is difficult to comment on a game like that. At one point we thought we were going to be up with the penalty we had, and in the next moment, there was a penalty that was given against us and that confused us. We wanted to press, but it is difficult to press a team of high quality like Columbus possesses. They were able to find the spaces that they needed to take control of the game and I think we found our spaces too at times. At the end of the day, I don’t think that our execution was clear and unfortunately, we weren’t having the luck we needed tonight to score goals.”

On the penalty kick affecting team’s mindset

“It totally changed the plan going into the second half and for the rest of the night. Originally, we wanted to be more patient and choose our moments with the opposition so that we could still remain organized. After the penalty and after the goal, it changed the plan as it felt like there was pressure to press more and more immediately and it created disorganization, and we weren’t able to press as a unit and create that unified block like we had in the first half. With the quality of a team like Columbus, it was difficult to find the spaces and they were able to find the spaces we created when pressing. They were more precise in those moments. I don’t think it changed our mentality, rather it changed the gameplan.”

On Columbus’ defense forcing miscommunication in Orlando’s attack

“To their defense, I think it was more of our pressure as we felt tough to press. We weren’t pressing as a team and come to the end of it we weren’t pressing as a team like how we managed to in the first half of the game. As with the pressure we had in the first half tonight, we were able to take control of the game. The pressure we faced was created by Columbus in the second half, it led to a lot of miscommunications and forced us to have a horrible and ugly game compared to the performance we had in the first half.”

Orlando City SC Midfielder Nico Lodeiro

On his thoughts on the game

“I am very disappointed that we lost again in our home. It is very tough for us.”

On Orlando’s lack of pressure

“Yeah, I agree with that, after the second goal, the game changed completely. The play became disorganized, and we created a couple of chances, but none like in the first half where we played more like a team.”

On difference between road and home games

“Yeah, we know that we’re doing better on the road, and we are playing well on the road even though it is difficult. It's difficult in this league. We won many games away. We need to play better, especially at home. We need to win a couple games and we need to feel like we’re at home. We need to get more points at home. We need to train more and need to be more focused. We need to try different things to win the games here.”