Kaka Warns

Kaká has played in leagues all over the world, and has played for some of the best teams across Europe and South America. He lived in Brazil, Italy, and Spain before moving to the United States, and played for teams such as Milan and Real Madrid. He’s one of many players who moved from the European leagues to MLS, and he has a warning for those who believe that MLS will be an easier league to play in. 

“Sometimes players come from Europe and they think that they’re gonna arrive here and it’s gonna be easy,” Kaká said. “So, this is the challenge that the players need to understand. That it’s not so easy. When I came here, I said ‘No, it’s hard. The performance of the players, physically, they are so good.” 

Kaká says that he turned to European players who already entered the MLS, such as David Beckham, to get advice about the league. They warned him that every game is physical and challenging. 

“It’s really difficult for us because we are used to playing in a high level in Europe,” Kaká said. “And when you come here… you have to have the same 100% of performance to get good results here.” 

Kaká discussed the transition from European leagues to MLS on ESPN FC. He also spoke about the La Liga title, World Cup expansion, and the future of the Brazilian national team. To see the full interview, click here