91st Hair STyles

The 91st is an OrlandoCitySC.com blog that aims to approach the worlds game with a laid-back and relaxed approach. We’ll cover topics that range of topics, including today's look at the best hairstyles on the team from Mark and Eric in our Marketing Department. Would you like to submit a post idea or contribute yourself? Email us here.

This week Eric and Mark opted to put to rest the age-old argument -- who on Orlando City has the best hair?

Clearly a well-coiffed top is one of the most important accessories to creating an infamous football star (Let’s be honest, Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t have gotten to his 100 million facebook followers without his fabulous locks). Localizing the discussion, we looked at the elegance of some of the Orlando City players’ hairstyles and put together the official Fab 5 ranking system, taking into account a few major categories such as uniqueness, majesticness, probable time invested and lack of split ends.

5. Adrian Winter

The 91st: Who Has the Best Hair? -

Winter comes to us from the land of Swiss and is already making hardy splashes with his slick wisps. Suave as Scarface, cold as George R. R. Martin, Winter comes as close as any to embodying the Lion spirit as the crest we all wear. He even has local Orlando hair salons saying, “Winter is coming.”

4. Estrela

The 91st: Who Has the Best Hair? -

The young signee from Angola has certainly made a lasting impression on all of us with his style of play. But the recent emergence of his iconic hair style made him an easy selection for this list. A confident mix of “new fashioned high top” meets beloved “Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura” landed Estrela massive points in both uniqueness and probable time invested. The good humored youngster has yet to share any of his secrets, but certainly turns our heads for a few extra seconds to study the structural integrity of the up-do whenever spotted out and about. Rumor has it, he wakes up like that.

3. Darwin Cerén

The 91st: Who Has the Best Hair? -

Cerén , also scoring high in the classic category, gave everyone a run for their money with his ability to be versatile. A family man and a brute in the midfield, both qualities are well-represented by this man’s trendsetting taste in hair. We’d all be sporting a hefty lie in our hearts if any one of us said we weren’t jealous of the intricate cuts fashioned into the side of the stoic El Salvadorian warrior’s hair. Word around City is that he’s holding a social media competition for his next design. Our vote is for the vintage Orlando City Manatees logo #BringItBack.

2. Brazilian Superstar – Kaká

The 91st: Who Has the Best Hair? -

The Kaká swoop has been sweeping our hearts since his start in São Paulo back in 2001. Looking back on his extensively successful career one could naturally assume each hazel brown strand of hair possess more culture, and is considered more worldly than we are as an entity. Surely the best location to gather the full swoon effect would be inside his trophy room, not only would the hardware sparkle like his personality but the number of reflections would give every vantage point at once to witness perfection. But what really won the Fab 5 panel over was his win in the classic category. Rarely have alterations been seen over his years in the spotlight.  We at The 91st support the classics.

1. Brek Shea

The 91st: Who Has the Best Hair? -

Stunning the scene in Dallas and English Premiere League side Stoke City, Brek steps in taking the top score in both majestic and unique categories. The number of styles Shea runs through can only be matched by this young stars tenacity on and off the field. Finding a perfect balance of notable goal celebrations, artistic license and one of the craziest left foots this side of the Mississippi. Our personal favorite, Brek’s limited edition cornrows. The man truly has “50 Sheas of Gray”.

A tight race and even tougher decisions made by this (clearly unbiased) panel, warrants at least a hearty mention of all the strong contenders like Brek Shea (2015) and his samurai man bun, boyishly charming Harrison Heath, and Luke “Heart Break Kid” Boden.