Q: How do I become a LionNation Member?

A: You can sign up for free via the LionNation App or at

Q: I’m a Season Ticket Member - do I receive LionNation Premium?

A: Season Ticket Members receive LionNation Premium and all the benefits within at no additional cost.

Q: How do I renew my LionNation Premium Membership?

A: LionNation Premium will be a Season Ticket Member-only benefit for the 2021 season. If you were a non-STM LionNation Premium member in 2020, you have two options: 

  • Upgrade to become a Season Ticket Member and continue to receive all LionNation Premium benefits
  • Take no action and your LionNation Premium subscription will not auto renew.

Q: Who is eligible for a LionNation membership?

A: Anyone ages 18 and over is eligible.

LionNation TV

Q: What is LionNation TV?

A: LionNation TV is a livestreaming service for all locally-televised Orlando City matches.

Q: Which matches are available on LionNation TV?

A: Please visit Orlando City’s schedule to view available matches.

Q: Is LionNation TV available for everyone?

A: LionNation TV is available for all Season Ticket Members and LionNation Free Members within the Greater Orlando and Central Florida region.

Q: How can I watch LionNation TV?

A: Once inside the LionNation App, you can click “Watch Now” at the top of the home page during a live event to start watching the match live. If there are no matches being played at any given time, you can visit the main menu and click on LionNation TV to check the schedule for the next upcoming match available on the platform. The matches will also be available via the LionNation Portal on desktop.

Q: What content is available inside LionNation TV?

A: A: Only the live stream of locally broadcast matches and special events (e.g. pre-season matches, season preview shows, etc.) are currently available inside the LionNation App and via the LionNation Portal on desktop. There will be no video on demand or content library available at this time.

Q: Can I cast the content to an additional screen?

A: Yes, casting will be available.

Earn Points and Redeem Rewards

Q: How do I earn points and redeem rewards?

A: A full list of how you can earn points can be found inside the LionNation App under points, how to earn. Rewards can be redeemed anytime through the LionNation App under rewards and sweepstakes.

Pride Tickets

Q: How do I receive my two Orlando Pride complimentary tickets?

A: Before each Orlando Pride match, we will send you an email giving you the option to redeem your complimentary tickets for the upcoming game and the option to purchase additional tickets. Please keep an eye out for an email from us prior to each Pride match if that is the game you'd like to attend. Once you have selected to redeem your tickets for a match, you will no longer be able to receive complimentary tickets to future games via LionNation and you will no longer receive the emails to select a match. Tickets are guaranteed for whichever match you want to attend so no need to worry about them not being available.

Q: I want to purchase additional Orlando Pride tickets to be seated next to the two LionNation tickets. How do I do this?

A: You will receive an email in the week prior to the match you selected with a link to accept your tickets. You can also purchase additional tickets at this link.

For any additional questions, please email