Front Office


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Fred Pollastri
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Carlos Osorio
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Caesar Lopez
    Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel
  • Marysol Fur de Blanch
    Director of Human Resources
  • Matt Pomponio
    Senior Accountant
  • Austin Burns
    Senior Accountant
  • Thang Boyd
  • Zahra Alavi
    Staff Accountant
  • Nick Santos
    Sr. Business Ventures Manager
  • Monica Nieves
    Payroll & Benefits Specialist
  • Katie Orvosh
    Human Resources Coordinator
  • Patti Henderson
    Manager of First Impressions
  • Mirella DeSanctis
    Executive Assistant
  • Daniel Quesada
    Training Facility Operations Manager


  • Diogo Kotscho
    Senior Vice President of Communications
  • Ed Cahill
    Sr. Director of Content
  • Marcos Peres
    Sr. Director of Broadcasting
  • Derek Cody
    Director, Video Production
  • Jackie Maynard
    Director of Communications
  • Roscoe Myrick
    Director of Creative Content
  • Ryan Martinez
    Social Media Manager
  • Eduarda Pavao
    Communications Specialist
  • Robert HIldreth
    Communications Manager
  • Hannah Drosdick
    Communications Coordinator
  • Brielle Toldo
    Broadcast Coordinator
  • Daniel Vinasco
    Multimedia Manager
  • Eli Walker
    Video Coordinator
  • Miguel Gallardo
    Broadcast Announcer & Club Ambassador
  • Evan Weston
    Broadcast Announcer

Corporate Partnerships

  • Chris Lahey
    Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Chelsey Burns
    Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships and Premium Suites
  • Josh Kleinman
    Sr. Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Callum Shepherd
    Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Lauren Poppe
    Partnerships Marketing Manager
  • Dave Wolfe
    Premium Group Account Executive

Foundation & Community Relations

  • Kay Rawlins
    Founder, Vice President of Community Relations & Foundation President
  • Kaia Forgét
    Sr. Director of Community Development
  • Elliot Evangelista
    Program Coordinator

Gameday Operations

  • Connor Pank
    Director, Gameday Operations
  • Matthew Moore
    Competition Manager
  • Zoe Leonard
    Sr Gameday & Facilities Coordinator


  • Eddie Robinson
    Director of I.T. 
  • Tony Husenaj
    Network Engineer
  • Bruno Scotton
    Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Alek Lopez


  • Pedro Araujo
    Sr. VP of Marketing & Brand
  • Kevin Coulthart
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Matt Stone
    Manager, Creative & Brand
  • Eric Allsopp
    Manager, Design & Game Presentation
  • Mark Thorstenson
    Manager, Photography & Design
  • Sean Smith
    Manager, Marketing & Fan Generation
  • Geena Catalano
    Events & Fan Engagement Manager


  • Michelle Serowchak
    Director of Merchandise
  • Josh Gumbel
    Merchandise Coordinator

Soccer Operations

  • Luiz Muzzi
    Executive Vice President of Soccer Operations
  • Amanda Duffy
    Executive Vice President of Orlando Pride
  • Erik Ustruck
    Director of Soccer Operations
  • Joe Schuchmann
    MLS Team Administrator
  • Emma Nunan
    Pride Team Administrator
  • Luca Baglioni
    OCB Team Administrator
  • Tais Cotta
    International Player Support Specialist
  • Daryl Osbahr, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Skylar Richards
    Director of Sports Performance
  • Rikki Keen
    Director of Performance Nutrition
  • Silas Waszczuk
    Performance Specialist
  • Martin Ramiz
    MLS Athletic Trainer
  • Charles Raycroft
    Director of Equipment Operations
  • Pedro Rosario
    MLS Equipment Manager
  • Chris Labno
    Pride Equipment Manager
  • Nathan Hernandez
    Academy Equipment Manager
  • Joshua Cockley
    Equipment Manager
  • Ricardo Moreira
    Director of Scouting
  • Christina Lane
    Sports Performance Coordinator
  • Billy Hoffer
    Head Groundskeeper
  • Jake Seay
    Groundskeeper Lead
  • Jorge Lagunes

Stadium Operations

  • Rob Schnettler
    Sr. Director of Security & Guest Services
  • Jessica West
    Director, Stadium Operations
  • Bob Dool
  • Chris Dandurand
    Security & Guest Services Manager
  • Julie Baca
    Manager, Stadium Operations
  • Giuseppe Ribaudo
    Event Manager
  • Pedro Cox
    Event Coordinator


  • Chris Spano
    Vice President of Ticket Sales
  • Mike Yannuzzi
    Sr. Director of Ticket Operations & Analytics
  • Cameron Caddell
    Director of Sales
  • Ty Wagner
    Director, Ticket Operations & Analytics
  • Austin Bloom
    Manager, Ticket Operations & Analytics
  • Catie Cochran
    LionNation Coordinator
  • Raven Laurenceau
    Group Sales Manager
  • Ches Magruder
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations & Analytics.
  • Kyle Vrban
    Member Services Representative
  • Jon Yandle
    Member Services Representative
  • Armando Calvillo
    Account Executive
  • Robert Abellera
    Member Services Representative
  • Giovanni Duarte
    Sr. Account Manager
  • Mora Johnson
    Member Service Representative, Premium
  • Morgan Long
    Member Services Representative
  • Justin Martin
    Member Services Representative
  • Eric Piereschi
    Member Services Representative
  • Patrick Jackson
    Group Account Executive
  • Alex Brandt
    Account Executive
  • Ryan Gousse
    Sales Associate
  • Brandon Harkins
    Sales Associate