Front Office

Ownership and Senior Management 


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • John Schulze
    Vice President of Finance
  • Dennis Sprenkle
    Director of Human Resources
  • Gabriel-Maroun Shibly
    Accounting Manager
  • Matt Pomponio
    Staff Accountant
  • Alex Acton
    Finance Associate
  • Patti Henderson
    Manager of First Impressions
  • Mirella DeSanctis
    Executive Assistant


  • Diogo Kotscho
    Vice President of Communications
  • Marcos Peres
    Sr. Director of Broadcasting
  • Jacklyne Ramos
    Sr. Director of Communications
  • Jackie Maynard
    Communications Manager
  • Rafa Cabrera
    Communications Manager
  • Lucas Casas
    Communications Coordinator


  • Ed Cahill
    Sr. Director of Content
  • Eric Thompson
    Sr. Manager, Video Production
  • Brittany Alvarado
    Content Manager
  • Ryan Martinez
    Social Media Manager
  • Mackenzie Thirkill
  • Joe Madden
    Video Production Coordinator

Corporate Partnerships

  • Rob Parker
    Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
  • Ruben Cabrera
    Director of Corporate Partnerships
  • Jessica Beers
    Sr. Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Kasondra Lee
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Callum Shepherd
    Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Devon Adhav
    Partnerships Marketing Coordinator

Foundation & Community Relations

  • Kay Rawlins
    Founder, Vice President of Community Relations & Foundation President
  • Kaia Forgét
    Sr. Director of Community Development
  • Steve Wittek
    Community Programs Manager
  • Katie Orvosh
    Events Coordinator
  • Jared Ambrose
    Program Coordinator

Gameday Operations

  • Alex Wolf
    Vice President of Gameday Operations
  • Thomas Curtis
    Competition Manager
  • Brandon Hernandez
    Sr. Event Coordinator
  • Connor Pank
    Event Coordinator, OCB


  • Renato Reis
    Chief Information Officer
  • Brian R. Paul
    Information Technology and Operations Analyst
  • Jessica Yunis
    Business Application Analyst


  • Teresa Tatlonghari
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Kevin Coulthart
    Director of Marketing
  • James Pellington
    Membership Director
  • Lauren Ballard
    Membership Coordinator
  • Matt Stone
    Graphic Designer
  • Eric Allsopp
    Graphic Designer
  • Mark Witte
    Sr. Marketing Coordinator
  • Mark Thorstenson
    Photographer & Graphic Designer
  • Daniel Dennis
    Brand Ambassador
  • Tom Vann
    Brand Ambassador


  • John Rawlins
    Merchandise Manager
  • Logan Ross
    Merchandise Coordinator

Soccer Operations

  • Niki Budalic
    General Manager
  • Erik Ustruck
    Team Administration Manager, Orlando City
  • Sanna Haig
    Team Administration Manager, Orlando Pride
  • Joe Schuchmann
    Team Administration Manager , OCB
  • Luca Baglioni
    Team Administration Manager, Academy
  • Charles Raycroft
    Director of Equipment Operations
  • Pedro Rosario
    Equipment Manager, Orlando City
  • Hunter Stevens
    Equipment Manager, OCB
  • Chris Labno
    Equipment Manager, Orlando Pride
  • Rikki Keen
    Team Performance Nutritionist
  • Jonathan Jordan
    Nutrition Coordinator
  • Matt Bruderek
    Head Groundskeeper
  • Billy Hoffer
    Assistant Head Groundskeeper
  • James Doherty
  • Mike Larson
  • Josh Girard
  • Patrick Tanner
    Director of Sports Performance & Head Athletic Trainer
  • Constantine Demetriadis
    Athletic Trainer, Orlando City
  • Merritt Henderson
    Athletic Trainer, Orlando Pride
  • Dave McKay
    Director of Fitness
  • Ryan Thamm
    Fitness Coach, OCB
  • Tom Scott
    Fitness Coach, Orlando Pride
  • Silas Waszczuk
    Sports Performance Specialist
  • Daryl Osbahr, M.D.
    Medical Director

Stadium Operations

  • Scott Neal
    Stadium General Manager
  • John Plescia
    Director of Operations
  • Rob Schnettler
    Director of Security & Guest Services
  • Jessica West
    Operations Manager
  • Bob Dool
  • Chris Dandurand
    Security & Guest Services Manager


  • Chris Gallagher
    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Kristin Helmick
    Sr. Director of Sales
  • Lauren Voorhies
    Sr. Director of Guest Experience
  • Chelsey Burns
    Director of Premium Sales & Service
  • Mike Yannuzzi
    Director of Ticket Operations
  • Ty Wagner
    Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Zac Ryan
    Director of Sales
  • Chrisy Awtonomow
    Guest Experience Manager
  • Patrick Moran
    Guest Experience Manager
  • Aidan Wiese
    Guest Experience Manager - OCB
  • Ashley Cyb
    Suite Sales & Service Manager
  • Daniel Quesada
    Group Account Executive
  • Steve Thurlby
    Group Account Executive, Orlando Pride
  • Micah Carver
    Group Account Executive
  • Erin Siegel
    Group Account Executive
  • Zeke Lee
    Group Account Executive
  • Evan Fay
    Premium Account Executive
  • Monica Salas
    Tourism Account Executive
  • Cole Kellogg
    Youth Soccer Account Executive
  • Joseph Balsamo
    Guest Experience Representative, Premium
  • Carmen Van Wert
    Guest Experience Representative, Premium
  • Robert Abellera
    Guest Experience Representative
  • Alek Lopez
    Guest Experience Representative
  • Lauren Poppe
    Guest Experience Representative
  • Kendell Hodges
    Sales Associate
  • Dan Mac Donell
    Sales Associate
  • James Davis
    Sales Associate