Jarrod Dillon
President of Business Operations

Luiz Muzzi
EVP of Soccer Operations and General Manager, Orlando City SC

Haley Carter
VP of Soccer Operations and General Manager, Orlando Pride

Caesar Lopez
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Carlos Osorio
Chief Financial Officer

Pedro Araujo
Chief Marketing Officer

Christopher Kamke
Chief Strategy Officer

Kay Rawlins
Founder | SVP of Community & Social Impact and Foundation President

Mirella DeSancits
Executive Assistant


Jackie Maynard
Sr. Director of Communications and PR

Rob Hildreth
Communications Manager

Lucas Medeiros
Sr. Communications Coordinator

Digital and Social Media

Aaron Cranford
Director, Digital Content

Austin David
Digital Content Manager

Mickey Kennedy
Sr. Social Media Coordinator

Emily Cecchini
Social Media Coordinator


Jacob Abercrombie
Sr. Director of Broadcasting & Production

Gabrielle Amado
Sr. Producer and Video Host

Deion McCarter
Broadcast Operations Coordinator

Community & Social Impact

Kaia Forget
VP of Community Impact and DEI

Holly Mercier
Community & Social Impact Manager

Brand Alliances

Kelly Hyne
Sr. Vice President of Brand Alliances

Jon Reaves
Sr. Director of Brand Alliances/Business Development

Josh Kleinman
Sr. Director of Brand Alliance Marketing

Callum Shepherd
Director of Brand Alliance Marketing

Christopher Caudill
Brand Alliance Business Development Manager

Tommy Kollias
Senior Manager, Brand Alliance Marketing

Carrie Allen
Manager, Brand Alliance Marketing


Thang Boyd
Vice President, Finance

Amanda Zawadaski
Director, Finance

Austin Burns
Sr. Financial Analyst

Samantha Robinson
Sr. Accountant

Ethan Lobello
Manager, Financial Planning Analyst

Brittany Brown
Manager, Accounts Payable

Jasmine Hendley
Staff Accountant

Live Events

Connor Pank
Director of Events

Matthew Moore
Sr. Competition Manager

Jackson Metzger
Senior Manager, Events

Logyn Mercuri
Game Day Coordinator

Charlotte Kruger
Events Coordinator

People & Culture

Monica Nieves
Director of People & Culture

Patti Henderson
Manager of First Impressions

Robbin Juarez
Payroll & Benefits Manager

Information Technology

Tony Husenaj
Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure

Strategy & Analytics

Julianne Jochym
Sr. Director, Strategy & Analytics

Jorge Salinas
Analyst of Strategy and CRM

Zana Krakic
Senior Market Intelligence Analyst

Paul Stevens
Director, Ticket Operations

Ches Magruder
Manager, Ticket Operations

Tyler Bartkowiak
Coordinator, Ticket Operations


Aurusa Kabani
Associate General Counsel and Director of Compliance

Logan Deeney
Legal Counsel


Kevin Coulthart
Vice President of Marketing

David Ellsworth
Sr. Game Production & Entertainment Manager

Alison Martin
Marketing & Fan Engagement Manager, Orlando Pride

Dakotah Wilson
Marketing & Fan Engagement Manager, Orlando City

Shaq Scott
Integrated Marketing Manager

Sarah Hansen
Match Presentation & Entertainment Coordinator

Creative & Production

Mark Lowyns
Creative Director

Matt Stone
Art Director

Nicholas Gresham
Video Production Director

Mark Thorstenson
Team Photographer & Designer

Alexis Montero
Motion Graphics Designer

Gabriel Causey
Graphic Designer

Brennan Taylor
Sr. Videographer

Cameron Salco

Trausti Thorsteins

Guest Experience

Casey Mullen
Supporter Community Manager

Sophie Pellicci
Guest Experience Coordinator


Michelle Serowchak
Senior Director of Merchandise & Licensing

Josh Gumbel
Manager, Merchandise

Orlando City SC Coaching Staff

Oscar Pareja
Head Coach, Orlando City SC

Diego Torres
First Assistant Coach, Orlando City SC

Martin Perelman
Assistant Coach, Orlando City SC

Fabian Bazan
Assistant Coach - Fitness & Performance, Orlando City SC

Cesar Baena
Goalkeeper Coach, Orlando City SC

Orlando City B Staff

Manuel Goldberg
Head Coach, Orlando City B

Julian Vergara
Assistant Coach, Orlando City B

Marcos Machado
Goalkeeper Coach, Orlando City B

Andres Gonzalez
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Orlando City B

Paul Brace
Equipment Manager, Orlando City B

Sergio Valverde
Athletic Trainer, Orlando City B

Marcus Siler
Team Administrator, Orlando City B

Medical Team

Dr. Craig Mintzer
Chief Medical Officer of Orlando City & Orlando Pride

Dr. Justin Mullner
Head Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician of Orlando City & Orlando Pride

Dr. George Eldayrie
Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Dr. Daniel Miller
Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon

Orlando City SC Sports Performance

Matt Ramirez
Head of Rehabilitation, Orlando City SC

Gabriel Sanin
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Orlando City SC

Tyler Killinger
Head Athletic Trainer, Orlando City SC

Sergio Martin Acuna
Lead Performance Specialist & Assistant ATC, Orlando City SC

Mitchita Toda
Athletic Trainer, Orlando City SC

Mauricio Negri
Head of Sports Science, Orlando City SC

Mauricio Almeida
Sports Scientist, Orlando City SC

Paola Othon
Registered Dietitian, Orlando City SC

Facility Operations

Jessica West
VP of Facility & Operations

Julie Baca
Director of Facilities

Brian Mori
Stadium Operations Manager

Ashwin Sundram
Training Facility Operations Coordinator

Tyler Diel
Facility Operations Coordinator

Lea Maxwell
Facility Operations Coordinator

Bob Dool
Sr. Engineer

Juan Cintron
Manager, Maintenance

Daniel Rodriguez
Maintenance Technician

Facility Operations - Groundskeeping

Josh Foskett
Head Groundskeeper, INTER&CO Stadium

Tyler Stelter
Head Groundskeeper, Training Facilities

Daryl Maroney
Grounds Supervisor

John Snider

Facility Operations - Security

Jason Klauber
Director of Safety & Security

Greg Lopes_
Security Manager_

Shawn Hayden
Team Security & Logistics, Orlando Pride

Vanette Thomas
Security Coordinator

Zach Theophin
Security Coordinator

Pernell Gibbs
Security Guard, OHP

Virginia Forster
Security Guard, OHP

Scott Bettis
Security Lead, INTER&CO Stadium

Sharmane Bentley
Security Guard, INTER&CO Stadium

Ralph Szpak
Security Guard, INTER&CO Stadium

Christian Collins
Security Guard, INTER&CO Stadium

Debra Ernestine
Security/Lobby Receptionist

Youth Soccer Development

Nick Santos
Director of Youth Soccer Development

Kellen Crowley
Sr. Coordinator of Youth Soccer Development

Orlando City SC Team Operations

Ricardo Moreira
VP, Soccer Operations & Technical Director, Orlando City SC

Joe Schuchmann
Director of Soccer Operations, Orlando City SC

Pedro Cox
Manager, Player Care and Administration, Orlando City SC

Charles Raycroft
Director of Equipment Operations, Orlando City SC

Chafik Tounzit
Senior Equipment Manager, Orlando City SC

Josiah Spivey
Jr. Equipment Assistant, Orlando City SC

Aryeh Ebrahimi
Head of Video & Performance Analysis, Orlando City SC

Zachary Leichtman
First Team Video & Performance Analysis, Orlando City SC

Grant Rhines
Manager, Insights and Analysis, Orlando City SC

Orlando Pride Coaching Staff

Seb Hines
Head Coach, Orlando Pride

Giles Barnes
First Assistant Coach, Orlando Pride

Yolanda Thomas
Assistant Coach, Orlando Pride

Paul Crichton
Goalkeeper Coach, Orlando Pride

Orlando Pride Team Operations

Emma Nunan
Director, Team Operations and Player Affairs, Orlando Pride

Kat Conner
Director, Scouting & Analytics, Orlando Pride

Tais Cotta
Manager, Player Affairs and Administration, Orlando Pride

Chris Cafaro
Video Performance Analyst, Orlando Pride

Aaron Hegenberger
Talent Identification Scout, Orlando Pride

Orlando Pride Medical & Sports Performance

Cory Price
Director of Sports Performance and Medical, Orlando Pride

Kelly Turney
Head Athletic Trainer, Orlando Pride

Christi Edson
Head of Strength and Conditioning & Sports Science, Orlando Pride

James Mostard
Asst. Athletic Trainer, Orlando Pride

Savannah Blake
Data Analyst/Sport Scientist, Orlando Pride

Kelly Grebner
Team Nutritionist, Orlando Pride

Orlando City SC Academy Staff

Javier Carrillo
Academy Director

Alexis Gonzalez
Academy Head Coach, Formation

Matthew Brewer
Player Development Lead

Edward Wilding
Academy Head Coach, Formation

Bitielo Jean Jacques
Academy Assistant Coach, Formation

Mateo Gutierrez
Academy Assistant Coach, Preformation

Walden Sterrett
Academy Head Coach, Preformation

Johan Escalante
Academy Goalkeeping Coach, Formation

Jose Campos
Academy Lead Scout

Julio Serrano
Soccer Schools, Technical Lead

Sandro Graham
Head of Academy Performance

Andres Gonzalez
Performance Specialist, Formation

Russel Gaither
Performance Specialist, Formation

Almir Neto
Performance Specialist, Preformation

Pablo Fontora
Academy Athletic Trainer

Taiji Murakami
Academy Athletic Trainer

Brennan Dooley
Academy Equipment Manager

Eva Augustyniak
Academy Administrator, Formation

Brevin Butler
Academy Administrator, Preformation

Ticket Sales & Member Experience

Cameron Caddell
Vice President, Ticket Sales & Member Experience

Gabriel Quintero
Director, Membership & Suite Sales

Luisa Andrade
Account Executive, Orlando Pride

Juliana Carrara
Account Executive, Orlando Pride

Andrew Seybolt
Account Executive, Orlando Pride

Adam Center
Orlando Pride Member Experience Specialist

Giovanni Duarte
Season Tickets Sales Manager

Adam Aller
Account Executive

Ryan Arnold
Account Executive

Gabrielle Soares
Account Executive

Eric Marcus
Account Executive

Brandon Harkins
Manager, Group Sales

Kacey Tessitore
Account Executive, Tourism

Alex Quillin
Account Executive, Groups

Alejandro Crossa
Account Executive, Groups

Stephen Moran
Account Executive, Groups

Ryan Brouse
Account Executive, Groups

Ryan Buckley
Director, Member Experience

Jacob Robison
Manager, Member Experience

Russell Weldin
Manager, Member Experience

Noah Janson
Senior Member Experience Specialist

Alyssa Gonzalez
Premium Member Experience Specialist

Brandon Reddick
Premium Member Experience Specialist

Calvin Berger
Member Experience Specialist

Gregory Hamilton
Member Experience Specialist

Paulo Nogueira
Member Experience Specialist

David "AJ" Hudkins
Member Experience Specialist

Maddy Jump
Member Experience Specialist

Chelsea Herman
Manager, Sales Academy

Derek Henderson
Sales Academy Representative

Yoav Gabbay
Sales Academy Representative