Jarrod Dillon
President of Business Operations

Caesar Lopez
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Carlos Osorio
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lahey
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Kay Rawlins
Founder, Vice President Community Relations, Foundation President

Luiz Muzzi
EVP of Soccer Operations

Diogo Kotscho
Sr. Vice President of Communications

Pedro Araujo
Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Brand


Diogo Kotscho
Senior Vice President of Communications

Marcos Peres
Sr. Director of Broadcasting

Ryan Martinez
Director of Digital Media

Jackie Maynard
Director of Communications

Rob Hildreth
Communications Manager

Leigh Ann Kight
Video Production Manager

Hannah Drosdick
Communications Coordinator

Mickey Kennedy
Social Media Coordinator

Miguel Gallardo
Broadcast Announcer & Club Ambassador

Brielle Toldo
Broadcast Coordinator

Evan Weston
Broadcast Announcer

Community Relations

Kay Rawlins
Founder, Vice President Community Relations, Founder

Kaia Forget
Sr. Director of Community Relations

Corporate Partnerships

Chris Lahey
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships

Chelsey Burns
Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships & Premium

Josh Kleinman
Sr. Director of Partnership Marketing

Callum Shepherd
Director of Partnership Marketing

Chad Poling
Corporate Partnership Manager

David Wolfe
Premium Sales Account Executive

Michael Hitselberger
Corporate Partnership Marketing Coordinator


Carlos Osorio
Chief Finance Officer

Thang Boyd

Amanda Zawadaski
Assistant Controller

Austin Burns
Sr. Accountant

Ethan Lobello
Sr. Accountant

Eva Augustyniak
Staff Accountant


Connor Pank
Director of Events

Matthew Moore
Sr. Competition Manager

Zoe Leonard
Gameday Operations Manager

Human Resources

Caesar Lopez
Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Marysol Fuhr De Blanch
Human Resources Director

Patti Henderson
Manager of First Impressions

Monica Nieves
Payroll & Benefits Specialist


Tony Husenaj
Network Engineer

Bruno Scotton
Business Intelligence Analyst & SF Administrator


Aurusa Kabani
Director of Legal Affairs


Pedro Araujo
SVP of Marketing & Brand

Kevin Coulthart
Vice President of Marketing

Matt Stone
Manager, Creative & Brand

Mark Thorstenson
Manager, Photography & Design

Geena Catalano
Manager, Game Production & Entertainment

Kristy Cannon
Manager, Digital Marketing

Courtney Harle
Manager, Events & Fan Engagement


Pedro Araujo
Sr. Vice President of Marketing & Brand

Michelle Serowchak
Director of Merchandise

Josh Gumbel
Merchandise Coordinator

Orlando City Coaching Staff

Oscar Pareja
Head Coach

Fabian Bazan
Assistant Coach

Jose Bazan
Assistant Coach

Diego Torres
Assistant Coach

Cesar Baena
Goalkeeper Coach

Orlando Pride Coaching Staff

Amanda Cromwell
Head Coach

Sam Greene
First Assistant Coach

Michelle Akers
Assistant and Player Development Coach

Sebastian Hines
Assistant Coach

Aline Villares Reis
Goalkeeper Coach

Medical Team

Dr. Craig Mintzer 
Chief Medical Officer of Orlando City & Orlando Pride 

Dr. Justin Mullner 
Head Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician of Orlando City & Orlando Pride

Dr. George Eldayrie
Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Performance

Skylar Richards
MLS Director of Physiology & Sports Science

Rikki Keen
MLS Director of Performance Nutrition

Andres Gonzalez
Sports Performance Coordinator

Tyler Killinger
MLS Athletic Trainer

Christiana Edson
Pride Sports Scientist

Barret Jones
Pride Head Athletic Trainer

Blake DeSenti
OCB Athletic Trainer

Joel Muhlbach
Academy Athletic Trainer

Stadium Operations

Robert Schnettler
Sr. Director of Security & Guest Services

Jessica West
VP of Facility & Operations

Julie Baca
Sr. Manager Stadium Operations

Brian Mori
Manager Stadium Operations

Daniel Quesada
Training Facility Operations Manager

Jake Clark
Stadium Operations Coordinator

Ryan Hiser
Stadium Operations Coordinator

Cristian Baca
Events Coordinator

Jackson Metzger
Events Coordinator

Bob Dool
Sr. Engineer

Juan (Andres) Cintron
Sr. Maintenance Technician

William Hoffer
Head Groundskeeper

Josh Foskett
Assistant Head Groundskeeper

Zach Theophin
Stadium Security Supervisor

Vanette Thomas
Stadium Security Supervisor

Pernell Gibbs
Stadium Security Guard

Wayne Smith
Stadium Security Guard

Delroy Thomas
Stadium Security Guard

Orlando City Team Operations

Luiz Muzzi
EVP of Soccer Operations

Ricardo Moreira
MLS Assistant GM/Director of Scouting

Thiago de Castro Aguiar
Head of Scouting

Aryeh Ebrahimi
MLS Sr. Video & Performance Analyst

Charles Raycroft
MLS Director of Equipment Operations

Chafik Tounzit
MLS Senior Equipment Manager

Jun Seo
Assistant Equipment Manager

Joe Schuchmann
MLS Team Administrator

Pedro Cox
Player Care Support Coordinator

Marcos Machado
OCB Goalkeeper Coach

Luca Baglioni
OCB Team Administrator

Marcelo Neveleff
Academy Director

Mauricio Negri
Academy High Performance Director

Philip Gordon
Academy Head Coach U-15

Javier Carrillo
Academy Head Coach U-17/Academy Assistant Director

Marcello Antonelli
Academy Coach

Christopher Konopka
Academy Goalkeeper Coach

Pedro Rosario
Academy Team Administrator

Orlando Pride Team Operations

Ian Fleming
General Manager

Eduardo Albuquerque
Pride Scout

Chris Labno
Pride Head Equipment Manager

Courtney Levitt
Pride Assistant Equipment Manager

Emma Nunan
Pride Team Administrator

Tais Silva Cotta
Pride International Player Support Specialist


Chris Spano
Vice President of Ticket Sales

Mike Yannuzzi
Sr. Director of Ticket Operations & Analytics

Cameron Caddell
Director of Group Sales

Austin Bloom
Manager of Ticket Operations & Analytics

Tristan Atterbury
Group Sales Manager

Giovanni Duarte
Season Tickets Sales Manager

Ches Magruder
Ticket Operations & Analytics Coordinator

Jose Gracia
Account Executive

Gregory Hamilton
Account Executive

Brandon Harkins
Account Executive

Jacob Robison
Account Executive

Brett Stephens
Account Executive

Russell Weldin
Account Executive

Cole Landon
Account Executive

Moline Zapponi
Account Executive

Adam Center
Account Executive

Alex Brandt
Account Executive

Nicolas Medina_
Suites & Premium Seating Sales Manager_

Morgan Long
Member Services Premium Account Manager

Kyle Vrban
Member Services Account Manager

Eric Piereschi
Member Services Representative

Shaq Scott
Member Services Representative

Robby Zelinski
Member Services Representative

Noah Janson
Member Services Representative

Youth Soccer Development

Nick Santos_
Sr. Youth Soccer Development Manager_

Ryan Gousse
Youth Programs Coordinator