kaka Final Match

Kaká’s Final Match Provides Unique Opportunity for Orlando City

Following a jovial Orlando City training session this on Tuesday morning, Head Coach Jason Kreis revealed his intention to give as many players as possible the chance to play alongside Kaká one last time in the Fuerza Puerto Rico charity match this weekend.   

“We’re going to make an effort to hopefully get a lot of players to be able to play one last time with Kaká. To use the substitutions -- the free substitutions that we’ll have in that game -- pretty liberally to try to get as many guys a last experience with Kaká as we can.”

He continued... 

“[Kaká] is obviously the most important player in Orlando City history. He’s a fantastic player, more importantly he’s a fantastic man. To get one more opportunity to honor him the right way is important for the coaches and hopefully it’s important for the players.”

Orlando City will have to adjust once the Brazilian playmaker is no longer pulling the strings on the pitch for his team. Kaká was the focal point and anchor of this team for three years and his role in the Orlando community will be cherished forever. It’s time to move on -- both for Kaká and this club -- but he will always be a Lion.

Kaká will take one final bow after three memorable seasons in Major League Soccer. We have all recognized his greatness -- as a player and as a member of this community. It was pleasing to hear that Kreis and his coaching staff intend to field as many players as possible to play with ‘Ricky’ one last time.

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