MLS Next Pro 2022 Season Details


Conference and divisional alignment 

For 2022, the league will be separated into two conferences – Western and Eastern – with each conference comprised of two divisions.

Below is the divisional breakout of the MLS NEXT Pro teams:


Schedule structure

Each MLS NEXT Pro team will compete in 24 regular-season games, 12 home and 12 away, across 26 weeks, culminating on Sept. 18 with MLS NEXT Pro Decision Day. 

Prioritizing regional play, teams have been divided into Eastern and Western Conferences, comprised of two divisions in each.  

Each team will play divisional opponents two to three times, as well as the other teams in their conference at least twice. A total of four non-conference matchups will take place during the 2022 MLS NEXT Pro season.

A total of eight teams, four from each conference, will qualify for the MLS NEXT Pro Playoffs. This includes the top team from each division and the two teams with the next most points in each conference. 

More information about the playoff format and schedule will be announced at a later date.



Regular-season matches tied after 90 minutes will no longer end in a tie. Traditional shootouts will be utilized to break the deadlock.


Streaming information and Games of the Week

Fans can watch every game of the MLS NEXT Pro inaugural season via live stream on

In addition, more than 30 games will be billed as “Games of the Week," featuring enhanced productions. Each MLS NEXT Pro club will have at least one home game featured, and all playoff games will be enhanced productions.