Getting To Know Ponte Preta?

How old is the oldest soccer team in Brazil?
Old enough to wear ties on the field as part of their kit. Ponte Preta is 114 years old. They are called (try to pronounce this one) Associação Atlética Ponte Preta and were founded on August 11, 1900 by three high school students.

Who are they?
Everyone knows how popular soccer is in Brazil. They are the most successful nation in the history of the FIFA World Cup. The country has five World Cup titles to their name, but things can be a little different in the club scene. Even though they spend millions of dollars every year, the soccer teams are in general non-profit organizations with no ownership groups. In theory, they belong to their fans. They even hold elections for president from time to time, depending on that status of the team. Ponte Preta was founded in Campinas, one of the largest towns in São Paulo state, by three high school students from Colégio Culto à Ciência named Miguel do Carmo (nicknamed "Migué"), Luiz Garibaldi Burghi, ("Gigette") and Antonio de Oliveira ("Tonico Campeão”).

What does Ponte Preta means?

“Black Bridge”. Yes, Black Bridge. Just like the Lakers were named after the "Land of 10,000 Lakes” (before moving to LA), Ponte Preta's name was inspired by a black painted wood railroad bridge in Campinas.

Getting To Know Ponte Preta -

Do their crest feature the actual Black Bridge?

Yes. Take a look at their first logo below. The stripe across the badge signifies the Black Bridge.

Getting To Know Ponte Preta -

What about the ties?

Well, the white ties (which only stayed impeccable, they say, until the kickoff whistle) were replaced by a diagonal stripe on Ponte Preta’s home and away jerseys. The home kit is all white with a black stripe on the chest. The away kit is black with a white stripe (like the old ties).

Getting To Know Ponte Preta -

Their Stadium
Ponte Preta lost its original stadium due to unpaid bills during the 1929 Great Depression. Ponte’s current stadium, Moises Lucarelli, was opened in 1948 after four years of construction.

Who are some of Ponte's all time superstars?
Midfielder Dicá (a nickname, very common in Brazilian soccer, like, Kaká) is Ponte’s all-time favorite. He played 16 seasons for the team. Ponte Preta has one the most effective youth academies in the country with several players rising all the way to the Brazilian National Team, most recently, forward Luis Fabiano was a starter for the Seleção in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What about the current team? Who should I watch?
One of the most successful Brazilian strikers of the last two decades, Borges, will make his debut for Ponte Preta in Orlando. A 4-time Brazilian Champion, Borges has scored 108 goals in 253 matches in the last 7 years with São Paulo, Gremio, Santos and Cruzeiro.