Dres poster
Dres13 Creates Sci-Fi Inspired Gameday Poster -

Artist: Dres13
Poster: Available on Sunday, October 21st. 

How would you describe your art style?
My aesthetic style ranges from purely figurative illustration- drawing from comics, sci-fi and classic manga influences, to a graphic blend of art and typographic elements.

How long did it take to complete this piece? What is your art process?
I logged roughly 22 hrs from concept sketches to final layout. Depending on the project, I will typically start with rough composition sketches and notes, as well as character concepts. Once I’ve decided on a direction, I compile any needed visual references and ultimately begin work on the layout process.

What was the largest piece you've ever painted?
Years ago I painted a 10ft mural installation for a mythology-themed gallery show here in Orlando. I’ve also done large wheat paste installations during Art Basel, as well as a number of unsolicited large poster works during my days as a street artist.

Where are you from?
Originally born in a small New England town, I moved to Central Florida as a child and grew up in Kissimmee and Orlando.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the growing art culture in Orlando?
Orlando is home to a lot of talent, creative culture, and community, so I’m happy to be in good company. Ultimately though, I’m just doing my thing, but if I’m able to leave a mark and somehow contribute to the collective culture, then that’s a plus.

How did you get into art?
I’ve been drawing as early as I can remember. I was always the kid drawing in class, trading sketches to kids for comics and collectible cards. I was encouraged early on by parents to pursue a living as a creative, so much of my trajectory in life has been due to their support. Around 2004 I began sharing my work online which opened me up to great opportunities, leading to freelance jobs and a career making a living as a creative.