Depth In The Midfield Giving Shea Chance To Shine At Left Back

Brek Left Back

With the 2016 season quickly approaching, Orlando City looks to see what combinations work best for their squad as they search for the starting eleven for March 6th. Players like Brek Shea give the team more versatility and options in the lineup; he can play an attacking game while still maintaining his role at a defensive position.

While Orlando City has sought to develop Shea as a left back, he has alternated between left back and left winger depending on where the team needed him. Prior to coming to Orlando City, Shea played in the left midfield. He’s a player that likes to create goal-scoring opportunities up the side. “I like to get forward,” Shea said.

Last season, Shea moved into the midfield after Orlando City lost starting midfielder Kevin Molino to a torn ACL. Now, with Molino back and more depth in the roster, Orlando City has returned Shea to the defensive back line.

Shea knows the importance of his defensive role in the game, a role that has been instilled in him through his development with Orlando City. “I feel really comfortable at left back,” Shea said. “Obviously, I have to do my defensive duties first, and then when an opportunity presents itself, I like to move forward.”

With a 2-1 win against Toronto FC, Shea feels comfortable about where his team at this point in the preseason. “We played well,” Shea said after the game. “I think it was a good test for us.”

“We’re already ten times better than we were this time last year,” Shea said. “I think we just need to work the kinks out.”