Welcome to the Academy

At the Orlando City Academy we strive to become the best and most successful academy in Major League Soccer and the United States.

Our Mission is to offer a role model program to maximize our youth players’ capacities while teaching them good sportsmanship and respect for their coaches, referees, spectators, opponents and the game.

Why Join the Academy?

  • Perfect pathway to increase opportunities for young players.
  • Integration of Academy players into MLS NEXT at younger ages.
  • Centered around player development.
  • Economically rational (no costs).

Our Values

Honesty - Go Straight to the Source - Never Gossip

Tell the truth whatever it costs. We will be completely truthful and decisive in our interactions with each other. Honesty comes from integrity, it creates trust and results in efficiency. We will relentlessly tell the truth.

Humility - Always Accept Responsibility

Be relentless in eradicating excuses. We will express a grateful and selfless attitude that puts others first. We will prioritize the needs of others.

Hard Work - Be Aware of How My Actions Reflect Others

Give, receive, respect and respond to feedback. We are diligent, uncompromising, and absolutely committed to giving our best effort and energy every day. We will do whatever it takes.

Highest Standards - Put the Needs of Others Before Your Own

Play for the name on the front of the shirt, not the one on the back. We passionately pursue excellence in everything we do. We will be the best.

Honor - Never settle for What Is - Pursue What Could Be

We acknowledge that working for this club is a tremendous honor. We will seek to steward this responsibility to the best of our ability. We will honor the badge, our leaders, our teammates and our fans in all that we do. We will show the utmost respect to everyone.

Hunger - Build Trust by Being Trustworthy

We will want more. We passionately commit to becoming the best that we can be and enthusiastically embrace the privilege that comes with our role within the club.