Notable Quotables | Orlando City vs. Chicago Fire

Notable Quotables | Orlando City vs. Chicago Fire

Orlando City Forward Nani 

Thoughts on the season  

“This season was so long for me, but at the end I am satisfied with the amount of games that I played for Orlando City because it was not easy. We managed very well, but next season for sure with more energy, I can produce more, I can put more speed, more effort on the pitch. I hope with all the work we’re gonna do next season, I hope we can do much better.” 

On recuperating in the offseason 

“Yeah, I hope so. I’m looking forward to rest, I’m very motivated for next season. I’m thinking I can do much better and I can help much more, but obviously I must be fresh, I must be with more energy.”

Orlando City Forward Benji Michel 

On not finishing their chances

“I guess we just weren’t clicking enough in taking our chances. On another day, we’d finish those.”

Thoughts on the season

“I feel like we have done well. The results didn’t go our way, but we just have to find a way to better finish off a game. There were times where we were up and we just gave up silly goals, but it’s nothing that’s not fixable” 

On his rookie season

“Yeah I like to have my goals, but it’s all about the team, I don’t really care much about myself at this point, it’s whatever the team needs and whatever I can do to help.”