GIF Timbers

.Gif | Knee Slides and Turning Tides

You all read/watched .Gif enough times last week that I feel like I should do again. So here we go. 

Yoshi Moments

Megs, through balls, and defense. Three thumbs up from me. 

Oh, and he almost pulled a Zlatan. 

Sané Is Going to Score a Couple

Leverage is Key

Just Complete Robbery

Have to feel for Meram on this one. Great touch from Spector to get it back post. 

Will Johnson, Wrecking Ball

Kick Save and a Beauty

I feel like El-Munir is going to frequent .Gif. 

Kljestan Nearly Gets His First in Purple

Spoiler alert: he'll get it later. 

Off the Bench and Into Your Hearts

Chris Mueller, a.k.a. Cash Mueller, b.k.a. the rook. His first career goal and the start of the comeback. 


There It Is

Kljestan with the equalizer and his first as a Lion. Calmly taken. 

He Scores When He Wants

Also, one hell of an assist from RJ Allen.

Sydney Leroux in the house! 

Knee Slides

Knee slides are 2018's fidget spinners. 

Syncronized Defending

This clip blows my mind. A glitch in the Matrix. 

Sliding Into Your DM's