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Tom Sermanni In It For The Long Haul With New Contract

Regardless of how the 2017 season finishes out, this year’s Orlando Pride team can be considered an overwhelming success. In no small part, this achievement is thanks to Head Coach Tom Sermanni. Since joining the club in 2015 when the team itself was announced, Sermanni has slowly pieced together a winning roster full of international and domestic talent that have come together this season and made an incredible run to the postseason.

The build began with Sermanni bringing in players like Alex Morgan, Ashlyn Harris and Steph Catley in 2016 to help build the team around. The additions of Kristen Edmonds, Jasmyne Spencer and Dani Weatherholt, who developed into crucial players for the team, helped build the team up through the season. It was a bit of an adjustment year for the team as they got to know each other and understand how each of them like to play and at the same time, it was an adjustment for Sermanni and learning how best to utilize the talent in his roster.

With his vast coaching experience spanning decades, it was only a matter of time before the team began to win, and win they did. With the additions of players like Marta, Camila, Alanna Kennedy and Ali Krieger, the team made an incredible midseason run to the playoffs and finished third in the standings. The season included the most goals scored in the league and a nine-game unbeaten run that is still continuing as the team heads to the playoffs. 

Sermanni’s ability to lead this team in his own unique way has been incredibly effective on the overall mindset of the squad. Players love to play for him and want to play for him. Having a coach like him that the team can rally around is a huge benefit for the club.

With his experience and pedigree as a coach and his success that the team has found this season, it’s no wonder why Tom Sermanni will be sticking around Orlando for the near future as the manager of the Pride.