Nocerino team focus

Focus On Team Helps Nocerino Recover

Antonio Nocerino has played through some injury issues early this season. After leaving in the 17th minute during the match against the New York Red Bulls, Nocerino came back for the full 90 minutes against Los Angeles. The focus isn’t on him: it’s on how he can help his team.

“It is important that the team stays 100%,” Nocerino said. “This helps me. I work to help the team, it’s important.” 

Nocerino has settled into his role in the midfield. He can switch between attack and defense seamlessly, working alongside offensive players like Kaká and defensive players like Servando Carrasco. 

He has started in every match for Orlando City this year and made appearances in all about two of the team’s final eleven games last season. He had always naturally fit alongside his former AC Milan teammate Kaká, but this season it's clear to see he has developed tremendous chemistry with the rest of the team as well. 

For Nocerino, the most important goal is to stay healthy so that he can serve his team. But that won’t stop him from leaving it all on the pitch every single match. 

“Not the singular player,” Nocerino said. “But the team, for me, is important.”