Larin and Kaka

Larin and Kaká Focused On Winning A Championship

During the offseason, rumors float around. Some players leave their club, other players stay on. As Orlando City prepares to start training again, the Lions on-field leaders-- striker Cyle Larin and midfielder Kaká-- reaffirmed their focus on staying in Orlando and winning a championship.

“I want to make the playoffs,” Larin said on MLS media day. “And hopefully win something with the club because I think the city really embraces us and I think they deserve a lot. I don’t think there’s a place like Orlando to play in. Everywhere else is different. We go other places to play and they don’t feel the same. I think Orlando is special.” 

Kaká expressed similar sentiment, explaining on ESPN FC how much he enjoyed living in the United States and playing in Orlando. He says that the team is focused on changing their mentality so that they can become a playoff team.

“We played in two years, 68 games, and we just won 21. So, it’s a poor performance for the team that wants to be in the playoffs and win this league one day,” Kaká said. “I think this is what we want to do-- that win or lose matters. And that will change a lot.”

Kaká also noted that things are different now that Orlando City will be entering it’s third season. “I understand that now it’s the third year,” Kaká said. “We don’t have any excuses that it’s the expansion franchise anymore or something like that.” 

This year will certainly bring some changes to the game play, as Head Coach Jason Kreis has shaped the roster that he desires. If his mentality is able to shine through and reach the players, the boys confident that this will be a good year for Orlando City.