Kreis Tactics

Kreis Seeks To Implement His Vision In Training

Head Coach Jason Kreis is very pleased with the progress that his team is making in his first few weeks as head coach. After training on Wednesday, Kreis spoke about the development of the team and the tactics they want to build moving forward. “We’re gonna look to improve day by day,” Kreis said. 

Despite Orlando City’s strong performance on Sunday, Kreis knows that he has to analyze and improve upon the team’s mistakes if they want to move forward. “When you lose matches, you tend to be very critical and think about the things you can improve upon,” Kreis said. “When you win matches, often times we walk away happy and think everything was great. We’re not gonna do that.”

Kreis also noted that getting more time to work with the team will be a big factor in pushing them towards success. Last week was Kreis’ first week with the team, which was choppy due to a friendly match against Premier League’s Stoke City in Melbourne on Wednesday night. Now, Kreis looks to Sunday’s match against a recently shaken Seattle Sounders. But more importantly, he looks to develop the depth and the skill of his team. 

“We’re still trying to improve the tactics,” Kreis said after training. “We’re still trying to get the players to see what our vision is and put it into practice.”

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While being thrown into the middle of a season can be a difficult for a new head coach, Kreis believes that implementing his style and preparing the team for the next game are essentially intertwined. “They go hand in hand,” Kreis said. 

Kreis and his team will be back in action this Sunday, August 7th as Orlando City takes on the Seattle Sounders at 7:00pm at Camping World Stadium.