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Cyle Larin Connects To His Roots With #9

Cyle Larin recently announced via Twitter that he will be changing his jersey number this season from #21 to #9. When asked about why he made the change, Larin smiled. “I was always number nine when I was younger,” he said.


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There is a lot of superstition around jersey numbers. Larin scored 17 goals last season with the number 21; but he isn’t worried about the transition. “I’ve always been number nine and I’ve always scored at number nine,” Larin said.

Larin’s new number is also the number traditionally worn by strikers. Traditionally, players who wore #9 were always the ones who scored goals. Other strikers who wear this number include Luis Suarez for Barcelona and the young Anthony Martial for Manchester United.

Some of the best strikers in the world have played with #9. But for Larin, the decision was just about going back to his roots.



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