ECNL Recap 10.31

Orlando City ECNL Teams Collect Eight Wins On The Weekend

The Orlando City ECNL teams produced eight wins during their opening weekend in matches against the Atlanta Fire and GSA, marking the most victories in a weekend for the program.

After finishing 19th in the overall ECNL club rankings last season, the young Lions opened the season in strong fashion as they continue to aim for top 15 status in this year’s campaign.

“This was a special weekend for not only the club but also all of our players, parents, and coaching staff who dedicate so much time and resources to help make this program a success,” said ECNL and Girls’ Director of Coaching Alan Hough. “We hope to continue building on the strong results in all age groups.”

Below are the full results and top performers from the opening weekend:

Saturday, September 12

Orlando City ECNL vs. Atlanta Fire

U-14s: Won 4-1
Top Performers: Karina Groff and Taylor Fox

U-15s: Won 1-0
Top Performers: Jackie Gilday and Caroline Diefendorf

U-16s: Won 2-0
Top Performers: Carolyne Davidson and Darya Rajaee

U-17s: Won 4-1
Top Performers: Olivia Simmons and Marisa Maynes

U-18s: Tied 2-2
Top Performers: Kristina Fisher and Ashley Kreinbring

Sunday, September 13

Orlando City ECNL vs. GSA

U-14s: Lost 2-0
Top Performers: Serena Lewis and Madison Hill

U-15s: Won 2-1
Top Performers: Alexandra Granville and Ansley Frazier

U-16s: Won 2-0
Top Performers: Hannah Telleysh and JJ Bryant

U-17s: Won 4-2
Top Performers: Sarah Thrush and Carolyne Davidson

U-18s: Won 1-0
Top Performers: Marianna Shurina and Hadley Bucken