OCF Donation to Jamaica 2013

Orlando City Foundation Gives Back in Jamaica

Orlando City Foundation member Maury Loscher was able to accompany Blue Mountain Project on a recent trip to Jamaica and donate various red, black and purple Orlando City t-shirts to the kids of Jamaica. These items were able to go out to some of the lesser areas in remote locations where schools and children are rarely exposed and supplied with gear for exercising.

Orlando City linked up with The Blue Mountain Project (BMP), a nonprofit organization incorporated in the United States and registered in Jamaica, whose focus is in creating sustainable economic development through education and empowerment. A partnership has been established between BMP and the community of Hagley Gap, Jamaica, in which BMP are committed to enriching the lives of rural Jamaican communities by providing assistance with basic healthcare, educational resources, clean water, and economic development opportunities. Orlando City will stay connected with BMP and hope to continue leaving a lasting impression of kindness and care for the individual’s lives we come in contact with.

It was all smiles as the children donned their new t-shirts, immediately beginning to kick the ball around. Orlando City looks to continue giving both locally and internationally and see just how far we can go when we make an effort to pay it forward. We hope this was just one of many occasions where a small gesture of giving from Orlando City helped change children’s lives.