Orlando Believes in MLS

Orlando City Launches "Orlando Believes in MLS" Campaign

Do you believe in Major League Soccer (MLS) in Central Florida?

Orlando City does.

That’s why we launched orlandobelievesinmls.com, a site dedicated to bringing you all the facts and information about MLS and its expansion to the Southeast and possibly Orlando. Find out all the info on the new website regarding funding of the franchise and downtown multi-purpose stadium, economic impact of bringing an MLS franchise to Central Florida, how many jobs the team and stadium would create and much more.

You can also sign a petition saying “I believe in MLS in Orlando!” – giving your support to the Orlando City SC franchise in their bid to bring a second major league franchise to Orlando along with urging government officials at the city, county and state levels to do whatever they can to bring MLS to Orlando. The club has some of the best supporters in the United States and will need their help in this process. Orlandobelievesinmls.com has the full contact list of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, with your input needed to tell them why “Orlando Believes in MLS.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said it best in a recent breakfast that held many top officials around Central Florida, telling those in attendance we need to claim a franchise now or never.

“MLS is looking to expand in the near future,” said Dyer. “Orlando is in the lead, currently, to land a franchise in the Southeastern United States. But there are other vital options, including Atlanta, Miami and even Tampa. So we have a window of opportunity and I think it would mean a great deal to the city of Orlando to have a second major league franchise, especially soccer.”

The Lions announced last Monday that the Rio de Janeiro native Silva invested in Orlando City, funding the club’s share of a private/publicly funded multi-purpose soccer stadium in downtown Orlando and future acquisition of a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise. By funding 53% of the overall project cost (private portion of stadium & franchise fee), the Lions are bringing a significant contribution to the table. Central Florida residents will not be asked to pay additional taxes in order to obtain the stadium in downtown Orlando.

Visit Orlandobelievesinmls.com today to sign the petition and be more informed on Orlando’s hunt to bring MLS to Central Florida!