Adrian Heath-Young

Adrian Heath Named One of the "Greatest 7s Since the Greatest 7" at Stoke City

Stoke City recently named their “Greatest 7 since the Greatest 7”, the top seven players to wear #7 since Sir Stanley Matthews.  A familiar face showed up on that list, our own Adrian Heath.

“Obviously #7 for Stoke is a special number for Stoke, being Stanley Matthews’s number,” said Heath.  “They’ve had plenty of number 7s over the last 150 years, so one or two must have thought I did okay (smiles).”

Although Heath is best known for his time at Everton, he began his career at 17 with the Potters.  He spent four years in the red and white strip, scoring 16 goals over 95 appearances.  For Heath, it’s not a surprise that he’s remembered by the Potter faithful.

“It would be a surprise for some, but if you’re from Stoke-on-Trent, you know that has been my club since I was a boy.  When I go home I still go to see Stoke.  It’s nice to know that after all these years when their picking who played in the number 7 shirt - I think Terry Conroy was a no-brainer - it’s nice that after all these years they still remember that I played there (laughs).”

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