Groundbreaking Ceremony for Men's Service Center

Lions in the Community: Coalition for the Homeless Groundbreaking

Director of Community Relations Kay Rawlins attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Men’s Service Center in Orlando on Friday, a new homeless shelter to be built in downtown. The ceremony marked the beginning of construction on the center, which should be completed by 2013. 

Mayors Buddy Dyer and Teresa Jacobs attended the ceremony, along with members of the Coalition for the Homeless. Rawlins expressed what the day meant for Orlando and the Coalition. 

“It was a very proud day for everyone involved and a great example of what can be achieved when everyone works together,” she said. 

The center will replace the existing overnight shelter. The new center will provide shelter and offer economic assistance to homeless men, which is comparable to the Coalition for the Homeless’ 240-bed Center for Women and Families. 

Pastor William Andrews was a keynote speaker at the event. Andrews, who was a former member of the Coalition and homeless for a period of time, spoke to everyone on how important this service is and what it can do for the men living on the streets in the Orange County area. 

“Pastor Andrews made a very moving speech about his ‘past life’ as a homeless addict who was a given a hand up and now serves as Senior Pastor for the Heart of Mercy Community Church of the Nazarene,” she said. “The Coalition for the Homeless is one of the non-profits we’ll be helping raise funds through our foundation.”