Orlando City

💬 Wilder Cartagena: 'You always dream of scoring goals like these' after game-winning goal over Santos Laguna

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Thoughts on the game  

“First, congratulations to our players for such a great victory against a great team. I am very grateful to our fans, who came to support us and show us the connection that they have with this group. I think we made a great step towards our objectives and to keep moving forward in the Leagues Cup tournament and also show many other things that are going to help us during the rest of this season. It was a great game. I thought it was a very complete performance the whole game. Santos [Laguna] were a great opposition with great players. We are excited we advanced [to the Round of 32]. There isn’t too much time to delay, so now we prepare for the next one.” 
On the Club’s first win against a Liga MX team 

“Our preparation was based on being focused on the final thirds, theirs and ours. We knew that transitions in the middle we're going to be wild since you have players who can take that ball from the defending third to the final third and there's not too much time to think about it other than being able to defend your area and then do the same on the other side. We knew that this would be like ping pong, which is something you don’t want. You want to keep possession [of the ball] for a longer time to be able to keep control it. But again, we're playing against one of the best teams in Mexico. This is a good response from the players and for our fans as well. It was fun. I was not inclined to do too many tactics, just play soccer and try to score goals.” 
On playing against Inter Miami CF earlier than expected 

“We will be ready. It was not on our mind during our preparations last week other than Santos Laguna. We know that you can oversee things and then start thinking ahead, but it was not in our equations, we were focused on beating Santos [Laguna]. But surely after the victory, we have to face a team [Inter Miami CF] who has been playing well. Obviously, we have to mention [Lionel] Messi. It is a wave that is bringing a lot of attention [to the league] and we're pretty proud, but we know we know who we are. We know who we are, we going to go get that victory because our heart is prepared to do it."

Orlando City SC Midfielder César Araújo

On the play leading to Wilder Cartagena’s game-winning goal 

“I'm happy for the win, happy for the results. In describing the play, it was a counterattack. I recovered the ball and there was a series of passes and I was able to go out wide on the flank. I looked up, I saw Wilder [Cartagena] there, and he was able to finish it spectacularly.”

On his mindset ahead of stealing the ball from Santos’ defense on the game-winner

“Yeah, I saw them arriving with a lot of people and I tried to get as close as possible and by luck, I was able to win the ball and we were able to score on the other side.”

On his instinct to intercept the ball and start pushing upfield

“Like I said they were attacking with five. We were three defenders, I was able to win the ball. If they were attacking with five, then only five are left behind so I knew we also had five back there [in Santos’ defensive third]. I passed the ball to Facu [Torres] and with luck, it was able to be a goal.”

Orlando City SC Midfielder Wilder Cartagena

On his first goal in Orlando and scoring the game-winner

“Very happy for the goal, as a kid you always dream of scoring goals like these, and I was very happy to be able to help the team. This one went in, I am once again happy for the entire team, it was a really tough game. Santos [Laguna] are a fast team, very difficult in transitions, but we were able to get the win and now we are moving on to the next round.”

On the character the team showed throughout the game

“It was a tough game, like I said, the first 30 minutes we were very much on top of them, then they grew into the match. It was a very evenly disputed game, but we were able to get the better of them. I think it was a great match for everyone to enjoy and we ultimately got the result.”

On his celebration after scoring his first goal for Orlando City

“It was a big celebration. This afternoon me, my wife and my daughter, we were actually playing around and my daughter said, ‘You are going to score, you are going to score,’ and she was telling me to practice my celebration, but we really didn’t do it. Even during training this week myself and Mauricio [Pereyra] were joking around with one another that neither one of us has scored a goal and so I’m just elated to be able to help the team, and once again contribute to the victory.”