Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja, goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar and midfielder Martín Ojeda share their thoughts after loss to LAFC


Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“No more words at this time. [I need] to recognize that we were superior, that we put that energy and outplayed them, but that's not enough obviously. In this industry we need to win games and you win games by scoring goals and that’s not happening. We feel for our fans and the frustration of not winning at home especially, and not being able to complete the games that we should. Now we need to have a deeper analysis about what’s happening on the pitch. But once again, it's not enough at this point. We need to win games and that’s not happening.”

On LAFC’s late counterattacks

“I can tell you after the review because I see it on the field, and my first impression was we didn’t have enough numbers to control the counter, but it wasn’t like that. I thought we had enough numbers and we had enough people to control that play. They were faster than us in that position, and once again it happens that you’re controlling the game then we tied it and start creating the chances, this happens. We need to correct it tactically also. You may want to have an extra player that can sweep them up. At that point, I told the players that we need to take the responsibility to push. That’s what we need to do at home and try to look for that goal that can give us a win. And then those two plays came.”

On what changes are needed offensively

“When you have those metrics and the first thing we think is we can analyze where they’re justified and find answers through the metrics, but I think it goes beyond that. We have actions to score, I thought we had possibilities, but we’re not being precise and taking the good timing to take a shot, we want to do an extra pass. What I can tell you, and to say something where I as a coach want to stand up and put my chest in front, is that this group, they all week were working on that part and it’s not happening. And as I say, I’m here, I need to coach them, I need to guide them, I need to provide possibilities and I want to review it again. But it is not me, the coach, to come here and blame them, especially when I see that group fighting the way they fought today.”

Orlando City Goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar

Opening Statement

“They scored more than we did. [We] had a couple of poor defensive mistakes there at the end. On the counter, I feel like we had a lot of opportunities to shoot the ball and score; it’s hard to win games when you’re only putting the ball in the back of the net once a game. We have to work better as a team, be sound defensively and get better in the attacking third as well.”

On getting the start tonight

“Yeah, I felt good. I felt like I was reading the game well, seeing through balls well, seeing plays happen. Like you said, it’s been a couple of months, but I felt I did well, it’s just unfortunate we got a couple breakaways there at the end and a penalty, but like I said, we have to get better as a team and figure out ways to get better defensively and attacking.”

On playing at home this season

“Obviously you want to win because of the fans at home, because they’re very loyal to us, very supportive, but at the end of the day, every game whether it’s home or away it’s worth three points and we need to pick up a lot of points going into the second half of the season to turn things around and make a good playoff push and get into the postseason. So, we’ll take points no matter if they’re home, away or wherever.”

Orlando City Midfielder Martín Ojeda

Opening Statement

“I think it’s a difficult moment to talk about this game, especially given the result. I think overall we played a great game, especially in the first half. Then in the second half, those details escaped us and proved to be costly and expensive. But more than anything, this is a game that relies on those details so it’s a tough moment for us.”

On scoring his first MLS goal of the season

“It was a great feeling. Obviously, Luis [Muriel] was the last player to have arrived at the Club, so I’ve been getting to know him and his playstyle. We’ve talked with him, and he’s talked with us, and he’s just become another one of our teammates. We always try to find him, whether he’s floating out to the wing or in the center and just trying to find ways to play with him. Obviously, he’s got great skill, and he had a great touch on the ball, and he put it right to the space where I was thinking and I was able to finish it off, thankfully. So, to be able to score that goal, I was just really happy, especially in that moment since we had just tied the game and put ourselves in a position to win the game. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way but that’s what happens.”

On the team’s lack of shots on target

“First and foremost, like what I said in the beginning, it’s the details. It’s those details of each individual game that create those situations. We were creating chances in those moments but the details of making sure that the ball is finding its way onto net sometime escape you and you find yourself on the other side of it, where things can go one way or another. You just have to continue working, continue trying and take those shots and continue to fix those things as well and put yourself in clearer chances to score. That’s just what you have to do. You have to continue to push and work just try to get it going.”