Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja and Martín Ojeda share their thoughts after win over Toronto FC


Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“I want to congratulate the players for such an important result and this moment that we need to add winning games. Today they demonstrated the commitment that they have with the Club. So we're very proud of these results and the effort they had in the pitch. The first half, I liked it a lot. I thought we played very well; This is pretty much what we are. We scored goals and despite that first [Toronto] goal in the first minutes that shouldn't happen, the reaction was outstanding for the players. Second half, it happened that we defended in the last period of the game, very low. We could contain the numbers and the volume of players that Toronto sent, but we had also some opportunities to put the game to 3-1. So again, we're happy. This is a good step for us in this moment. Now we're looking forward to going back home and then winning there.”

On the first 15 minutes and how the coaching staff can clean up that period of the game

“I saw the [Toronto] goal again, and I think it was a couple of distractions that that we had. It’s something that I need to work on and help them, too. It’s probably lack of sharpness or concentration, because after that we just engaged in the game in such a way that looked as we wanted. But these things can that happen, Michael. I think it's something that we have been working but it seems like it is not enough yet. I don't want to blame them [the players], but we all collectively need to be aware that this couldn't happen.”

On if the team can build confidence off the comeback effort and victory

“Of course, winning in our away games is so important. For us it allows us to get our confidence back, first, and second, see if we can put a few games in a winning form. But you’re right. In that first goal, after I think we found our ways to get back in and play pretty well and create action to score two goals. But, still, if we want to be the team that that we were, because we are still searching [for] that best level, we need to correct those things. It’s something that we need to demand to each other and especially obviously from my seat and avoid this suffering, it’s too much. We have been losing too many games and I think we have to stop it.”

Orlando City SC Midfielder Martín Ojeda

Opening Statement

“I think the first thought that I have is just happiness, right? Happiness for the victory tonight and the effort that the team put in. Of course, I'm happy about the goal that I was able to convert but I think more so just overall about this victory that the team needed to get tonight and that we've been working so hard to get. So just overall just really happy with the game.”

On what he saw on the play that led to his goal

“I think when I saw Facu[ndo Torres] turn to the other side of the field, the opposite side of where I was on, I knew that I had to get into the box and that was what I was trying to do to make sure that Duncan [McGuire] wasn't alone in the box. And then once I saw Iván [Angulo] out wide in space and Facu played the ball to him, I knew that if I could get into the center, I'd be in a really good spot to make a play on the ball. And thankfully, the cross from Iván was fantastic and he put it right on my head where all I had to do was just make the movement towards the ball and thankfully it went in.”

On the difficulty grinding out the second half on a short week of rest

“Obviously in those first few minutes it cost us a bit trying to control those spaces and maintain focus on the ball. And obviously, when you're playing against a team like this, those spaces behind are always going to be there. But like I said, I think in those first minutes it cost us but from those minutes forward, from the middle of the first half on to the end, and even into the break, we really were able to take advantage of those spaces. Obviously, it's been happening this season, we've gotten hurt in the first couple of minutes, but I think we put in a great effort and played a great game tonight to be able to take the result.”