Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja and Luis Muriel share their thoughts after win over Philadelphia Union

Orlando City head coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“First, congratulations to the players for such an effort today. The bravery that they had and the cooperation that they showed to each other during the game was exceptional. It’s a very difficult place to come and win, but we’re proud. We played a really good first half, we created many chances and it’s great for us as well that Luis [Muriel] started scoring, so many things happened, and we’ll keep going. The journey is long.”

On the preparations for the match

A difficult decision we had to make during the week knowing that the boys have been playing well as we spoke after the last game. Despite the disappointment we had with the result, we have to value the fact that the team has been playing well. Against Toronto it happened the same and against Cincinnati as well, it was frustrating, but the boys played well. We came here today with a different proposal. We extended our line in the back, not with fullbacks, but with wingers. I think we put everything we had on the pitch trying to get the win from the start. As I said, not any easy decisions during this time, but the willingness of the players to get that proposal ahead and secure the best way forward was remarkable. I am very proud of them.”

On Luis Muriel’s brace

“I was an important moment for Luis to contribute this way with the team. Scoring goals is what he came for and tonight was a night he will remember not just because we won it, but because he scored those two goals that were very necessary for his confidence along with the whole team as well. We have been getting through hard times and the faith is still intact. We worked very hard today and we very much deserve it."

Orlando City SC Forward Luis Muriel

Opening Statement

“It was a great game. I think it was something we were wishing for coming in after two tough games that we lost in. But I think today we deserved this win with all the work this group has been putting together. Just very happy for that.”

On adjusting to the team

“I think like you said, it's been a long time coming, right? I’ve been waiting for that to happen. I think the adaptation to this league was something that I was really trying to get as quickly as possible, but it was something that was a little bit more difficult. But I think the adaptation to the group came almost immediately, something that my teammates really facilitated. After these 10 games, not being able to get on the scoresheet like I had wanted to, it's difficult. But my teammates and this group are just so hard working. So to be able to have that and just having them pushing me was great. Like I said, this group is hard working. We had a start to the season where we haven't been getting the results that we wanted. Some bad luck, some bad situations, but even after those tough matches this group just continues to go in and be incredibly hard work. Go into the week and just work, and constantly work, and keep pushing ourselves forward.”

On his two goals

“On the first one, it was a situation where we recovered the ball up the field and very quickly. When I saw Nico [Lodeiro] making his run, I made sure to put myself in a good position and cut inside. I saw an opportunity to hit it, and it was a good strike. On the second one, it was another one where we were able to recover the ball high up the field and I was right there in line with the defenders. Nico was able to find me in a great way. Once he put me in on goal, it was easy for me to finish. They were two goals that really filled me with confidence today.”