Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja and Jack Lynn share their thoughts after win over San Jose Earthquakes

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“It was a great result for a group of players that are giving us all the energy that they have, and they show us a lot of pride on the pitch, trying to resolve the problems. I thought that they had a lot of personality to overcome some bumps in the game. I liked the second half [much better] when we had more control. The boys that came off from the bench helped us a lot, too. But as a team that is growing, their confidence is growing. The way we're playing is much better in terms of efficiency in the other side of the box, and so we're proud. But the thing that we are so happy is to see them battling all the time and trying to do the right things.”

On picking up another late result on the road

“I would say that this group, they have pride. They are very united; they have gotten through difficult moments together. The way they fight every single game is always the same. What happened is that it's more noticeable now that we get results, but I have not seen one game where they gave up and I think today is another one of those battles with the game, in an away game, just gave us the result. We need to go at home and do it there [win] in front of our fans and be better locally. But the effort is not changing, it's just that we have not been very final at home in some games, but we will be.”

On what he saw from Jack Lynn on the night

“That Orlando City has another fantastic striker, a number nine that came from college. The player, he has proven already enough in the second group [Orlando City B] and the evolution of Jack is great. We kept him in the game because we knew that he just needed one action. But this time, we were wrong, he needed just two. And he put the ball in the back of the net, that's what he can do. And so we are very proud for Jack. When we need him, he has been there. The Club and the fans should be very proud of him.”

Orlando City SC Forward Jack Lynn

On what he saw on his game-winning goal

“If I remember correctly, I think it was a pretty quick transition. Ivan [Angulo] was sprinting down the sideline, and I think me, Tincho [Martín Ojeda] and someone else were just busting our butt to get in the box. And, you know, fortunately the ball fell to me kind of the top of the six and I just passed it in.”

On what Head Coach Oscar Pareja told him when entering the match

“We went through the game plan pretty well this week. So, I think everyone on the bench knew what was expected of them if they had to come in. So, I felt ready when I needed to hop in the game in the 15th minute, even though it was early. And, you know, he just gave me some encouragement and sent me in.”

On how he makes sure he’s ready when entering matches

“I think it's so different than anyone else on the team. I think we all prepare like we're going to be contributing to the team on the weekend, and that's my mindset during the week. I think it's everyone else's, too. And so, when we come in as subs, the level shouldn't change. If anything, it should increase because we're fresh and I just come on the field and try and help the team anyway I can.”