Orlando City

 They said it: Oscar Pareja and forward Duncan McGuire share their thoughts after draw with Charlotte FC


Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“A very rare game in the fact that that, too early, we get one extra player and Charlotte found a way to score a second goal in the moment that we were pushing the most (for a goal). Those circumstances make us feel that getting these results at some point it's going to help us. It’s obvious that we wanted and made a lot of efforts to win the game but Charlotte found a second goal and it could have been worse. So, humbly, today we take that point. We wanted more but we have some positive things still that we have to grab there and just move on to the next game.”

On allowing two goals in the game

“I thought in game against LA[FC] it happened, something similar, when we haven't been patient of the game and we have them defending in a very lower block for almost the whole game, [then] we concede those goals at the end. I think our vigilance is we're now getting that one game. Today was much better. But we lost those two duels there and then they found a way to hurt us. We want the lines higher obviously. The game turned into a team attacking all the time and everyone is defending and trying to get some transition. So that's what you saw with those transitions. There was not many other ways to do it. But we should have been better in our controlling, for sure.”

On Jack Lynn’s opportunities to win the game late in the match

“The motivation for the forwards, with any doubt, is scoring goals. That's what they feed themselves on in this game. Forwards live from goals, especially the No. 9. But also to just have to jump in and just add minutes and prove that he is a good striker. He creates those chances. I was very sure that he was going to balance the game and win it for us. He has that instinct and he keeps accumulating some minutes and hopefully he can increase that confidence to score goals.”

Orlando City SC Forward Duncan McGuire

Opening Statement

“Obviously I think we're all disappointed with the tie given that they [Charlotte] went down to 10 men very early. I definitely had my chances, I missed two I should have scored. But, yeah we were talking a lot [of shots] and we feel like we definitely should have won the game and we’re pretty disappointed in ourselves but we're going to have to take that one point on the road and take it home [against] Chicago on Saturday.”

On how it feels to be able to get back on the scoresheet

“Definitely happy, I haven’t scored in a little bit, obviously for any anyone to get on the scoresheet it's very important. And myself, I feel it gives me a lot of confidence once I find one, I feel like the rest just come. So I was definitely happy to get back on the scoresheet today.”

What he saw on his goal

“It was a good ball over. I saw Facu [Torres] who was in a good spot to head it back and there was a little bit of space front post so I had to make myself available and Facu put it right where I needed it to be. Luckily I got it across the goalie back post so it was a good team goal.”