Orlando City

They said it: Oscar Pareja and Duncan McGuire share their thoughts after blowout win over D.C. United

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Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening Statement

“On behalf of the players and all the staff on our team, we want to congratulate Kaká on what happened today. It was very significant to the Club and what he represents. It was an honor to be a part of that. Another good night for us, we tried to get more consistency in this game that we needed, not just because of points but the confidence that we need on the team. I thought it was an outstanding first half, probably the best that we have played during the year. I’ve seen that our players are getting more confident and we’re getting closer to what we were. We’re happy and encouraged to keep going. The second half, to play up a man, we dominated the game territorially and in spaces, but I think the overall take is we look much more like ourselves.”

On having five different goal scorers

“First, we're getting the players together again. With the complexity of the game, one piece, two pieces; it means a lot for the chemistry within the team. So that helps us, just to have players that are regulars in the group, it makes us much better, we have to say that. The other part is that in the last few games, I will say several games, we are finding the net and that changed the games. It's obviously our concern when we concede goals, but in this game, you have to score if you want to win games and then that's what we're doing now.”

On his team’s offensive chemistry

“I see it on the training ground, I see it in the games, I see much more of those chemistries coming together. In this group, in these four years, our sequences are very correct. When we bring the players together, we create opportunities, we are styling the way we play, it's much better. You may get frustrated if you don't score, but this is the way we do it. And today, I kept seeing that happening with more volume. And the players are raising their level, too, individually. It's a collective reaction to raise the performance, and I see it. I see it in the training ground much more often, and there's some players that are in a very good moment now, and obviously that is very important for us.”

Orlando City SC Forward Duncan McGuire

Opening Statement

“Yeah, obviously we're happy with the result. I feel like we're playing like we ended the season last year, really attacking. Even before they had a red card and were down to 10 men, I feel like we were creating good phases of attacks and not letting them get near our goal. So overall we're very happy with how the game went and happy to get two in a row and hopefully keep it going.”

On being called up to represent the U.S. at the 2024 Paris Olympics

“Yeah, it means a lot. Obviously, the Olympics are something that every kid watches growing up and they dream of being a part of that. To get the call-up, I've been a part of the camps, which is a good opportunity to showcase your skills and I think I've done a good job of that. To be invited by Marko [Mitrović] and to be a part of this team I think is a huge opportunity, and I'm very excited to get over there.”

On Orlando City’s recent offensive improvements

“I think it's more; I think you know confidence is obviously growing. I think as the games have gone on, and you guys don't see practices, but I think in practices we've had a lot of the sequences in the attacking phases that have started to come near us a lot more, and we've started being more creative and attacking with more urgency. I think that's been shown in the last few games and definitely showed tonight. I think it's really starting to come together for us.”