Orlando Pride

They said it: Coach Seb Hines, Orlando Pride players react to home defeat against Gotham


Orlando Pride head coach Seb Hines

On the thoughts of the match 

“We were in it the whole way. And then you know, a call doesn't go away, and it just changes the results. We had a lot of opportunities to score, we didn't take them. That leaves Gotham a chance to win the game. So, you have to take your opportunities when they present themselves. But yeah, same old feeling after the game disappointed with the result, effort was great, as always, the players are really putting the effort in, just want the result to really feel like they're rewarded for their effort.” 

On keeping the team morale high after some tough results 

“It is tidying up the basics. You know, can you put that little bit more pressure on, you know, the 2%, that we always talk about? It's coming towards the end of the games, which is disappointing, because that's where the fatigue starts adding up. They put so much work into the start of the game towards the start of the second half, it's that last bit where you have to build character in those moments, you got to at least come away with a point, you got to stay concentrated. It's a PK again, which is a regular occurrence right now with us. We have to review it. It is what it is right now. The refs aren't going to change the decision after the game.” 

On how games and moments like this will help the younger players develop 

“It is only development if you learn from it. So, getting that exposure to the scenarios in the game should only help them moving forward. The important thing is that you have to learn from it. You have to and that's part of the development. Gotham have a very experienced team, some international players who have been through these moments. It is only going to help our players when they are getting exposure in the games and these situations and scenarios and how they manage it and build character moving forward. We know that we're not the finished article yet. We know this is still a building process. We know we're still trying to help the young players and we have experienced players here and it's getting them all together. I think it looks like a team right now is that last bit of work that needs to be done to get results.”

Orlando Pride defender Cailtin Cosme

On what she thought of the overall match 

“I think we’re all super disappointed. I think that we know that we should’ve put that game away. We also know that we need to stay focused for 90-plus minutes. That’s what this game is about, especially with VAR. People go down and right now, we’re not doing that. I think the team needs to figure it out, we will figure it out. We’re still hopeful. We believe in one another, but we understand we need to be better. This is just the beginning of the season, so I think that we’re all excited to keep growing, but definitely super disappointed with tonight's results.” 

On missing last year due to injury but being able to bounce back and be a part of the process 

“This year is super important. I think that everything happens for a reason. Last year I couldn’t play and it was kind of like a blessing in disguise. I got to be in this environment. I got to learn from the best players in the world, I’m still learning from the best players in the world. Everything for me is about growing and becoming the ideal player I want to be and getting this experience right now is so vital to that. But I would not be able to do that without my teammates. They have taught me so much in so little so far. I’m excited to keep growing and keep moving forward with this team.” 

On the comfort of playing next to defender Emily Madril and how they are adapting to this level of play 

“I think that it’s a super unique situation. I don’t know many teams in the NWSL who have two rookies, not that I’m a rookie. A second-year player who didn’t see much of the field plus a rookie playing next to one another. Me and Emily (Madril) played against one another. We both played in the ACC together. I think we both have an understanding of each other's games, and also trying to create a strong partnership. We both complement each other well, and I think we both bring different strengths. I think right now, three games in, we’re still trying to figure it out, but I see us going in the right direction.”

Orlando Pride goalkeeper Kaylie Collins

On making her regular season debut with the Pride

“Excited to get the start. I’m really grateful for the opportunity. The start honestly, it's just the start. So I'm feeling good about that.”

On what has changed since she last made an appearance

“For me, I came in this year, and it felt different than any other year. In the two and a half years I was here before, there wasn't a lot of expectation that I put on myself. A lot of it was coming in, learning how to be a pro at the end of the day, which has been a great process. I have a lot of good people around me to help me. But this was the year that I came in and expected more from myself. It’s the expectation that leads to you putting yourself out there for disappointment. So it's been a cool process to actually feel that and you feel the highs and the lows, but the highs are great, so it's worth it.”

On her relationship with the center backs and learning each other’s tendencies

“We are all young and with that there is no ego. Honestly, it's a lot of, ‘I'm going to lean on you, you're going to lean on me, we're going to lean on our great outside backs that have that experience.’ It's a lot of listening and learning. It’s a really cool environment to be in because we are all developing so quickly and we're doing it together. We are becoming pros together in a sense. I'm so happy with the backline. And especially tonight, they saved me in so many moments. So I'm really appreciative and have good relationships with them.”