As the Lions continue their preparation for the 2023 regular season, is sitting down with members of the team for a few random, off-the-cuff questions to get to know them on and off the pitch in a new series, Stoppage Time.

Next up: forward Jack Lynn, the club's 18th overall pick in the 2022 MLS SuperDraft.

For starters, how have things been for you in training so far this preseason and getting reacquainted with the squad?

Jack Lynn: It’s been great to be back. I’ve been missing it a lot like everyone else over break with two-and-a-half months off, so it’s great to be back. We have a lot of new players, so it’s been fun meeting all the new guys and competing, and building toward the start of the new regular season.

Who would you say out of everyone on this team is the best-dressed – who comes in every day with the best fit?

JL: Robin (Jansson) will come in some really good outfits. I would give it to Robin.

Is there a certain player you trust most with the music choices in the locker room?

JL: Anyone but Mason (Stajduhar). He’s into like Country-Rap – it’s a genre I’ve never heard until he started playing it. (laughing)

What was the first purchase you made when you signed your first professional contract?

JL: I had to get some furniture for my new apartment, so I went to City Furniture.

Did you get anything good?

JL: I bought pretty much everything – a bed, a couch, coffee table. Just kind of everything I needed for my apartment.