As the Lions continue their preparation for the 2023 regular season, is sitting down with members of the team for a few random, off-the-cuff questions to get to know them on and off the pitch in a new series, Stoppage Time.

First up: defender Luca Petrasso, who was acquired by the club in a November trade with Toronto FC.

What has it been like for you in camp with a new team?

Luca Petrasso: Everything’s been good. I’m excited, obviously a different kind of adventure for me because I’ve been at home for a long time – I was at Toronto FC for 10 years, so, it’s a little bit new to me. But I’m enjoying it. Some good people, a great coaching staff, the weather is amazing – you can’t get much better than that, so I’m excited.

Have you gotten settled into your new home here in Orlando?

LP: Everything’s all settled in. I’ve been to Disney World once, checked out some of the places and I have an apartment downtown, so everything’s kind of slowly coming together here.

Any cool hobbies that you’ve gotten into away from soccer?

LP: I’m a big coffee guy, so I like to see different kinds of coffees and different kinds of shops. I’m big on Call of Duty War Zone, playing with my brother and my friends. And now that I live downtown – I used to live in the countryside back at home (in Canada) – so I’m kind of just intrigued and just touring it and exploring the city.

How do you take your coffee?

LP: Black – just straight black. I’m an espresso guy. We don’t have an espresso machine here (at the training facility). They need to get that. (laughs)


I know it’s early in your time here, but who would you say is your best-dressed teammate that you’ve noticed so far?

LP: From seeing some of the players walk in, probably Facundo [Torres]. He comes in pretty decent every morning. I don’t care about coming in nice to training, I just like to come comfortable because you have to wake up early. But he comes in pretty stylish.

Do you have a particular go-to match day fit? Are you one of the guys bringing the designer bag with you?

LP: I have the designer toiletry bag for sure. I like a baggy tapered pants, baggy hoodie or sweater and some cool sneakers – Adidas sneakers. But here, now that the weather is nice, you can put on a nice T-shirt.

What’s your favorite Adidas sneaker?

LP: They actually started coming back out with the Sambas, making them into a different kind of sneaker. So, I have a couple pairs of those at home.

Some questions and answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.