Orlando City

💬 Ramiro Enrique:  'I hope it was the first of many' after scoring first MLS goal in win over Colorado

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game 

“We are very pleased and excited to get three points in front of our fans. It was certainly something on our mind today, winning at home and getting that confidence back. It is not an easy job. Today was very necessary to get this win and have this performance. We know what happened out on the field and what matters is that we had a very good first half. The second half we could have been more aggressive, but the boys were cautious about just closing the game. This is something that we carry on our shoulders, and I understand that. We needed to win today. We are happy. We are having better performances and that is what we are aiming for.” 

On Ramiro Enrique getting his first goal with the Club 

“Very happy for him. It is not easy when players first come to the league and the expectations are very high. The adaptation takes a little longer. Having him to score today was crucial. We want it so bad as well for Martín [Ojeda]. Having Ramiro [Enrique] score a goal is great. The confidence will keep increasing.” 

On Facundo Torres and his confidence levels right now 

“I see more conviction from him. The responsibility and the weight these guys have on their shoulders and knowing that when we don’t score goals everyone will look at them. They feel it. We kept working and Facundo [Torres] has been outstanding in the last few games. Especially his scoring is what we need the most. I am so happy for Facundo [Torres] and hopefully we can keep him increasing. He has been more lethal. We had a chance today to probably score more goals, but we are still battling. We are still fighting.”

Orlando City Midfielder Mauricio Pereyrra

On what this win does for the team’s confidence  

“It’s great for us because we needed this type of victory at home. We know we are one of the best teams in the league playing away, but at home it’s been difficult for us to get results. The last game we conceded a late goal even though we were dominating and today we were a little hesitant because of that. Of course, with the two red cards that were issued [to Colorado] it was easier to play, and we created a lot of chances.” 

On the Club’s current run of form 

“Nothing has changed among the team in regard to the players but probably the mentality and consistency we are playing with now is the key. The players and tactics have been there, the atmosphere, everything has been great. We just conceded some results and points in the beginning of the season, we could be in a better position, but it is what it is. Now we’re in great form and we need to continue this momentum.” 

On the feeling within the team after earning the victory 
“Yes, it’s great for a lot of players that are scoring, Facundo [Torres] had a great moment. It was great to see Ramiro [Enrique] score because it gives him confidence. It’s great when we score goals because it was difficult for us at the beginning of the season, even when we created chances, and now we are finding more consistency with the goals now.”

Orlando City Forward Ramiro Enrique  

On scoring his first goal in MLS  

“It was a great moment. It was something that I’ve been working towards and waiting for since I got here. It has been a little bit, but with education, hard work, patience and some consistency, it was always going to come and it just so happened to come tonight, so I hope it was the first of many.” 

On what he saw on the field leading up to his goal 

“Facu [Torres] was out on the wing with the ball and we were all just trying to bring it into the area, and I saw the forwards go up and take the focus of the center backs. I just kind of dropped back and hoped that Facu was going to play the ball and thankfully he did, and I hit it and thankfully it went in. There was a lot of joy in that moment for it to finally come.” 

On finishing the game with a numbers advantage 

“The boys did a great job in the first half and then when we got to the second half, we had the number superiority in terms of players on the field. You’re right, we were able to be more aggressive once that happened. Once we got the first one and then you factor in that we have two more players than they did on the field, it just added to it, and we were able to get the second one and just continue pushing.”