Orlando City

💬 Oscar Pareja: Orlando City left 'frustrated' after loss to New England Revolution 

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Overall thoughts on the game 

“Obviously, frustrating not getting the result but the analysis of the game is clear. I told the boys push and they played a very good half in the second half. The goals were placed, isolated. We could have defended better and that's probably the frustration that we carry right now. We had the chances to score, we had the chances to equalize the game and then, when we were pushing the most and when we were reacting and we were putting New England in their last third, that second goal came. That was frustrating, the same with the third goal. But the effort from the players was very good. I have to say that it has been a very good half, especially in the first half it was probably for either team.” 

On how much the weather and turf impacted the game 

“It doesn't sound good that we talk about those things because it looks like we’re finding excuses but yeah, the weather was not good, turf is the turf. We knew it and it took us a little while to adjust to those two things, especially the turf. But the second half we just got the rhythm, we had the pace of the ball and so I know the boys don't want to take any excuse of it. They had the chances and they [New England] were clever those two or three actions when they scored at the end and we had ours, too.” 

On how Duncan McGuire changed the game 

“We needed to have someone who can make some ruptures. Ercan [Kara] was working very hard in the first half and he did his job in trying to hold the ball and trying to give us the possibility to play it off him. Second half, the intention with Duncan was to be maybe faster and different in our movements and he provided those diagonals, he held the ball for us. So both of them helped us today and obviously just happy with Duncan that he scored another goal.”

Orlando City Forward Duncan McGuire 

Thoughts on his goal 

“I mean, it was definitely good to get the goal, good for the confidence but I was hoping for a few more. I'll take the goal but I'd rather take a win, but we'll move on to Wednesday.” 

On how much the weather and turf impacted the game 

"At the end of the day, we're all playing on the same field. They're [New England are] playing in the same conditions, on the same turf field that we are. It's definitely something that's new to us, playing on turf, but at the end of the day it's still playing the same game. So it's a fair match at the end of the day.” 

On his goal 

“I saw a teammate get his head up and I have a good connection with him. He served a beautiful ball up and we just worked on that header a million times in training, so it worked out perfectly.”