Orlando City

💬 Oscar Pareja: Lions played well 'with and without the ball' in marquee win over league leaders FC Cincinnati

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening statement

“First, I would like to congratulate the players that did wonderful work today for the Club and the fans. We played against a rival that has not lost one game at home, so a very difficult place to play. First half was at a very good level and I thought we created most of the chances and we controlled the game. We were thinking that this is the consistency that we are fighting for and playing for. The second half, Cincinnati is a very good team and started putting more numbers up front. We started to defend a little lower than we wanted, but today we played very well with the ball and we played even better without it, which is something you have to know how to do. That is why I am very proud of this group and will be looking forward to the next rival and just keep moving on.”

\On the message in the final minutes of the match \

“The message was to try to be solid especially in our right side and their left. [Luciano] Acosta is a very talented player and they tried to outnumber us in that position and create in that space and they generated a couple of crosses. I think overall we had a good attitude and the team had composure and the guys that came in brought energy and did their job. I would like to have opportunities where we can keep the ball a little longer so we can take the pressure off, but it was difficult in the last part and especially those last eight minutes without Wilder [Cartagena]. We deal with that adversity and again we played a very good game with the ball, and we played a really good game without it which is something in soccer you have to do.”

\On becoming a team that other teams don’t want to play \

“Our philosophy here at the Club and the way we do it is just to take it one game at a time. We understand that soccer gives you your reputation when you get results and you beat good teams, especially on the road. Our players understand that our compromise and our consistency has to be repeated every single day and every single game. We will keep growing. There are a lot of things that we have to be proud of, but then we have many as well that we need to get better at. If we keep this mentality, then we can fight, but you have maintain that consistency.”

Orlando City SC Forward Ramiro Enrique

Opening statement 

“I think it was great game by us and very important victory. They are the first place team in the entire league and this was their first loss at home. Coming into the game, we knew it was going to be a difficult game and that is the way it was. Thankfully, we stuck together as a team and came out with the win.” 

On his game-winning assist 

“It was a play where Wilder [Cartagena] recovered the ball in the middle of the field and quickly played it over to Mauricio [Pereyra]. It just all happened really quick where I opened myself up diagonal and he hit it. I hit it on the fastbreak, but I had a touch that was a bit too far to control to I just kind of hit it back into the middle of the area. Thankfully Facundo [Torres] was there and he hit it and he was able to score and thankfully with that goal we were able to win tonight.” 

On if teams around the league should take Orlando City more seriously 

“I think every single team in this league is incredibly competitive and I think every game you are going to see two teams that are very competitive and battling it out, especially this team. We have a lot to give and we are going to continue down this path we have started down and hopefully continue to pick up wins and keep going.”