Orlando City

💬 Oscar Pareja: 'Everyone was very committed' in shutout road win over Nashville SC

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening statement 

“We are very happy. Everyone was very committed today with the result. The variations we tried, and we did during the game, they responded very good. It was a great effort from the team that has matured and knows where we are. We were playing against a very difficult team. Nashville is a team that creates a lot of chances when they have to play and their crosses. We defended very well. We are now getting ready for the next one. We are proud. Congratulations to our fans too. We will just keep dreaming.” 

On playing against a team like Nashville SC 

“It is always very difficult against a team like Nashville. They have this characteristic that creates a lot of chaos int hose transitions. We didn’t want to give our ways up or change it. We wanted to be ourselves and have more control in those transitions and be more concentrated in those plays. I thought we had control. I ask the boys to be controlled all the time and control the game and let the goals come and don’t get desperate, let’s have a good idea against them and make sure we are always balanced in the middle when we are attacking, and we are creating. Except for a couple times in the first half very early that caused us to adjust, I think the whole game was very complete for our players.” 

On the game plan against Nashville SC 

“In the first half and in the first, I want to say 15 minutes, we wanted to create a different sequence and use different spaces, but we felt uncomfortable. Our backline were very smart and they readjusted and understood that we wanted to move the ball forward and attack and create those sequences higher up in the field. We then scored a goal. When we came out in the second half, the team was more convinced about what they were doing. Those first 15 minutes we held it right. The second half I thought we controlled. We asked the players to control and just let it come and see if we can use those spaces in behind when they come. Very well executed by the players and this group.”

Orlando City SC Defender Robin Jansson

Opening statement  

“Three nice points. I think we started off a little bit shaky, but then we started to control the game in the middle of the first half playing better and finding each other in the spaces. Then in the end of the first half Duncan [McGuire] was giving us that 1-0 pace and of course that’s bringing us a lot of confidence going into halftime. Then in the second half we actually did really well controlling the tempo of the game and playing the ball. Towards the end it’s natural that Nashville is coming for it and I think we managed it really well. Rodri [Schlegel] made a very good save in transition there, so well done from him and the rest of the team too. We are very happy.” 

On embracing the villain role tonight 

“I think it is fun. I try to stay on the ball a little longer than normal sometimes. I had no problems with that. It was a nasty challenge from their striker on my foot so I don’t really know why they were booing. For me, I don’t really care. I just enjoy playing and try to play my game. With that in the back and getting the three points it was even better.” 

On locking down Nashville SC in the second half 

“I think our shape of the team was very good. We had Wilder [Cartagena] and César [Araújo] in front of us dictating the middle and always were aware of where [Hany] Mukhtar was on the field, that was something we talked about before the game because we know he’s good and you have to respect that and be aware of that. I think César was controlling that really well and helping the team a lot. I think in the end we were very solid back there and the wingers and striker were doing a huge job to contribute to that. So that’s a full team effort right there.”

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