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Orlando Pride is excited to host its inaugural WOOF WEDNESDAY game on Wednesday, Sept. 21, with fans able to bring their pups to Exploria Stadium for the match, as the Club hosts the North Carolina Courage! Gates open at 6 p.m. before kickoff at 7 p.m.

To get prepared or for more information, please see below:


Tickets to the designated dog section of Exploria Stadium can be purchased at the link here. If you are a season ticket member or already have tickets to the match and would like to bring your dog, please contact your Member Services representative or call (855) ORL-CITY.


  • You must sign a waiver indicating your dog is up to date on vaccines and that you accept liability for your dog’s actions. The waiver will be provided prior to the date of the game.
  • Participants must purchase the specialty “Woof Wednesday” ticket package which can be purchased online or at the box office on the day of the game.
  • Enter through Supporters Gate.
  • Dogs must remain in the Northwest corner of the stadium and must remain between Section 21 - 23
  • One dog is permitted per adult.
  • No retractable leashes are allowed.


  • Please be sure that your dog has relieved themselves prior to entering the stadium.
  • Please bring your own poop bags
  • With those two things in mind, we will be providing a relief area as well as poop bags just in case they are needed.
  • Water bowls will also be provided in the designated break area for all dogs.


Yes if your dog:

  • Is up to date on all required vaccinations and old enough to be around other dogs and people (4+ months of age)
  • Is in relatively good health and can walk up and down several flights of stairs
  • Does well on leash and is not reactive toward other dogs or humans
  • Does well with crowds and loud noises such as drums and cheering.

Probably not if your dog:

  • Is unvaccinated or under 4 months of age
  • Is a senior dog that would have trouble navigating stairs and being outside for an extended period of time
  • Tends to get overheated
  • Has reactive tendencies toward other dogs or humans
  • Is exhibiting any signs of illness close to the day of the game such as cough, nasal discharge, lethargy, or diarrhea. These symptoms can be signs of potentially infectious illnesses and it would probably be best for your dog, as well as the other dogs in attendance if they did not attend.
  • Has issues with loud noises (loud music, drums, etc. will occur before/during/after the game)