Orlando City Youth Soccer Partners with Rawle Orthodontics


Orlando City Youth Soccer is proud to announce our newest partnership with Rawle Orthodontics. Dr. Christopher Rawle and the rest of the Rawle organization are excited to become the official Orthodontist of the Orlando City Youth Soccer program and look forward to making their impact felt throughout the Orlando City community. Rawle Orthodontics plans on offering members, member’s families and OCYS staff VIP discounts including a $200 discount extending through December 12, 2016. 

In addition to offering specials Dr. Rawle says they plan on contributing to Orlando City Youth Soccer through, “...sponsorship and education, as well as spending our time and expertise on the OCYS community in effort to help promote Orlando City Youth Soccer throughout.”

Dr. Rawle believes OCYS and Rawle Orthodontics both strive to develop, “Leadership, discipline and self-esteem making this a natural partnership for both sides.”
OCYS General Manager Laura Halfpenny said, “We look forward to the opportunity of working with Rawle Orthodontics. I believe the partnership will be a great benefit to our members, member families and the rest of the OCYS community.” 

Now that both sides have signed and are ready to get to work, we should start to see an immediate and positive impact from Rawle Orthodontics throughout OCYS. We are thrilled to have Rawle on board with the program and look forward to this partnership.