Orlando City Makes a Difference, Visits CECO

CECO Story

With well over 4,000 children in Central Florida who are sidelined by the confinements of a motor disability, it’s not all too often the opportunity of playing alongside professional athletes is made possible. Blinded by discouragement and despair, it’s only natural to have a difficult time digesting the thought of being fortunate enough to do so. Though, if one was to search for a similarity between the two, one common theme would stand out - the allurement to give back to others. 

Three Orlando City members spent yesterday afternoon making a difference at The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO) kicking soccer balls, passing out shirts and scarves to those around them.  Among one of the three to visit was midfielder Harrison Health, who described his experience to be gratifying.

Orlando City Makes a Difference, Visits CECO -

 “It definitely feels good giving back to the community, [to] the kids that aren’t as privileged as us. To see their faces light up when you go in is an amazing feeling,” said Health.

Founded in 2001 the CECO is a dedicated therapeutic program that aims towards helping children with various motor disabilities. The holistic educational approach welcomes families in the Orlando community to stop by and tour the facility to get a better feel of what the program is all about.

“Orlando City is such a major organization with reach far outside the Orlando borders,” said Rosene Johnson the Executive Director for CECO,” For this organization to visit us meant the world to us, it means that this major organization believes in what we are doing and cares about the children we serve.”

Midfielder Kevin Molino and Forward Cyle Larin also made an appearance, taking with them memories that they won’t forget.

“It felt good just to see them happy. Just to see a smile on their face that was the most important thing, to motivate them to get stronger everyday,” Larin said

For more information on CECO or to see how you can help visit,