Orlando City Foundation Unveils Futsal Court in Parramore

Futsal Court

ORLANDO – March 2, 2015 – The Orlando City Foundation, in partnership with MLS W.O.R.K.S. and the U.S. Soccer Foundation, today unveiled a futsal court at John H. Jackson Community Center in Parramore—the future home of the team’s new stadium.  The futsal court will support Soccer for Success, a free after-school program, provided by the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

“We have a great build up week leading up to the kick off game starting with what we are doing here at the community center,” said Orlando City Foundation President and Director of Community Relations Kay Rawlins. “We are happy to be here with the City of Orlando, MLS W.O.R.K.S. and U.S. Soccer Foundation to dedicate this futsal court to children in the Parramore community. Hopefully this is one of many more ways we can kick it back to the community.”

Futsal courts provide a playable space at lesser costs and in a smaller areas, making them particularly attractive in inner cities. It has a smooth concrete surface throughout a field the size of a basketball or tennis court. Futsal, which is usually played between two teams of five players, use a smaller and heavier ball with less bounce to accommodate the overall design of the court.
MLS W.O.R.K.S.—Major League Soccer's community outreach initiative committed to addressing important social issues—dedicated the futsal court on behalf of the 2015 MLS Opening Weekend and the Lions’ inaugural MLS season.

Earlier this month, the Orlando City Foundation expanded its after-school soccer program to reach 10 additional schools across Orange County Public Schools.
In 2014, the Foundation hosted seasonal soccer programs benefiting over 750 students in the Parramore area.
While the Foundation aims to sustain those programs, they have expanded to Stone Lakes, Dream Lakes, Wolf Lake, Timber Lakes, Chickasaw, Millennia, Ventura, Durrance, Oak Hill and Metrowest elementary schools.