Orlando City Foundation Expands After-school Soccer Program

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ORLANDO – February 24, 2015 – The Orlando City Foundation expands after-school soccer program to reach 10 schools across Orange County Public Schools, while the Lions are on the verge of starting their Major League Soccer (MLS) journey. The program will have an undeniable impact on the City Beautiful's next generation.

"When we established the team four years ago, our goal was always to grow the soccer culture and be an active member of the community," said Orlando City Foundation President and Community Relations Director Kay Rawlins. "Sports has the power to teach children fundamental life skills, and we are grateful for the opportunity to make a contribution in their overall development."

In 2014, the Foundation executed seasonal soccer programs impacting over 750 students in the Parramore area--the future home of the team's new stadium. This year, they will sustain those programs while expanding to Stone Lakes, Dream Lakes, Wolf Lake, Timber Lakes, Chickasaw, Millennia, Ventura, Durrance, Oak Hill and Metrowest elementary schools.