Concacaf Champions Cup

Orlando City coach Oscar Pareja 'proud of the effort' in tough conclusion to Champions League run


Orlando City head coach Oscar Pareja

On his message to the team following the game

“We are proud of the effort that we showed in the game. Obviously, emotions are there as it is much better to wait and calm down and other things. The message was short, just expressing our pride for the effort that they made during the game. They played against a good rival, and we were there. We will go on, but we were upset as well. I know the players were upset with what had happened in the last seven minutes. Obviously, we are not bad losers. We are respectful, but we are not stupid. Congratulations to Tigres, it is a Club that I respect a lot, but we played hard."

On the events that happened after the match

“We scored in the 89th minute and in between the 89th minute and 96th minute and 45 seconds, in that part, it was four minutes and 50 seconds that they did not play the game, or they didn’t allow us to play the game. Whether it was because the goalkeeper wasn’t playing, not restarting, substitutions and the celebration of the goal. They need to understand that. We saw it in the World Cup. You give five minutes but if they are wasting time, they need to add more time. That is what I am saying. Listen, we are respectful, and I want to say it again, but we are not stupid. We are not. We are competing. We are competing and they need to realize that. The match was between two teams that were very feisty, and it was a great game.”

On scoring the late goal and having other opportunities late in the match

“It shows that this team does not give up at all. We push, push, push and then we fight again later. I thought we had the energy to score a winning goal, including that chance that Duncan [McGuire] had could have been one or two more, but again the referees cut the game. We pushed.”

On goalkeeper Pedro Gallese and his performance

“For us, he represents a lot of security especially today when we were pushing in the second half and the lines were higher and left the spaces in behind. It was good and it is very good to see him in good form.”