Notable Quotables | Orlando City vs. Toronto FC

Notable Quotables | Orlando City vs. Toronto FC

Head Coach James O'Connor 
Opening statement coach whenever you’re ready?

"Very proud of our performance, I thought it was very good. Disappointing that we couldn’t get all 3. Great work from the guys, outstanding performances. I thought our shape was very good tonight. Again, very proud of the commitment that the guys showed tonight." 

Earlier this week you talked about the necessity of the guys coming off the bench, tonight Benji scores 2 minutes later coming from the bench, what do you think was important that his ability to just come on and give that impact?

"I said to the guys, he’s got something to share that is excellent. We encourage the guys who sit there to watch the games, watch how the game is playing out. We speak before the game about having an understanding of being selfless is something that the guys have been excellent at this year. Whoever has come off the bench would assume to score a goal or makes an impact defensively, he has always made an impact for us. Very pleased with all the guys and their mentality, what we coach them is starting to come through."

Forward Benji Michel

Benji coming off the bench what was your mentality entering the game in the second half?

"The guys told me Benji go in and be as dangerous on the field as possible. I felt like I needed to bring that energy to the team."

What did you see on that play? What were you thinking with the angle you took on the ball?

"I had my mind set up and I knew I wanted to take a touch towards goal, I finished and that’s what happened. The ball came to me, I took a touch and finished it."

Defender Kamal Miller 
Coach said he was proud of your performance tonight, how did you feel about it?

"I felt good, Toronto is always a hard place to come and play especially to get a result. Their fans really brought them to life in the second half, but we defended well and held our own. We are disappointed that we didn’t walk away with all three points, because we gave up a cheap goal but we’re also proud to come to a place like this and get a result."

When you are in and out of the starting rotation, when you get called up for the start how do you prepare, how do you make sure you’re ready?

"It’s more of a habit on our team where we are always talking about the next man up, and today I was the next man up, so you always have to be ready. Throughout the week we all train hard and push each other very hard."