Orlando City

💬 Mason Stajduhar: 'It feels amazing to put an exclamation point on the end of the regular season' in win over Toronto FC

Orlando City Head Coach Oscar Pareja

Opening statement 

“Well, we're very happy with the performance. The players have [had] a great season, but the most important part is coming. It was not easy today to come here, the last game [of the regular season] and have this performance. It’s [BMO Field] a difficult place. It was a moment for us, just being qualified [for playoffs] in the second place, to take care of some players but also make sure that we are doing the right decisions. So we're very proud of the players like always. They are the ones who make this happen. We keep growing and we will keep being consistent and being prepared for what is coming.” 

On what he saw in the second half after the substitutions  

“I think in the first half the boys sustained; Toronto brought a lot of energy. This allowed us to bring the other players that were on the bench, that have been more regular in the lineup, with more space and then sent a good message about having in depth in our squad. Players that are committed with our ideas and they know what we're doing. I'm happy to see Duncan [McGuire] scoring again. And again, I think it’s the whole team, not just what happened in the second half, but the work, that the boys did in the first half was important.” 

On the confidence the team has heading into the playoffs 

“Well, we have created a culture here, in our team and in the club, that we're living just one day at a time. I want our team and our players to be concentrated in this one task: coming to Toronto and play this first, then the playoff. But now we are in the playoffs, we will be ready to prepare our game. It's going to be good days this week. We have time, we have all the players return from the national team, we have Facu [Torres], Wilder [Cartagena] and Pedro [Gallese] especially that came from their duties, getting ready. But all of them, today, showed that we have a good squad and anyone who can come and be part of the XI can do the job. So we’re happy for that.”

Orlando City SC Goalkeeper Mason Stajduhar

Opening statement 

“It's a great win for the boys. Good way to end the regular season. A lot of guys came in tonight. Mikey [Halliday], Luca [Petrasso], Felipe [Martins], [Junior] Urso, I know I'm missing guys, Antonio [Carlos]. You know a lot of guys have battled this year, got their opportunities and took advantage of it as a team. So it's a great win.” 

On how gratifying it is to get the clean sheet and head into playoffs with the win 

“Yeah, it feels amazing but like I said before, to put an exclamation point on the end of the regular season and keep the momentum going for the playoffs. Keep it rolling. It's going to be huge for us. And then, personally, it obviously means a lot. Unfortunately, as a second goalkeeper sometimes you don't get the opportunities, you need to be ready when your name is called, so you know all that work I put in this year on the field, training ground everything. Videos with our video guy Zach [Leichtman], in the gym with [athletic trainer] Sergio [Martin Acuna], everything you know? It all comes off on match day it really means a lot.” 

On if the home crowd lost energy from McGuire’s first goal 

“Yeah, that strike by Duncan was incredible. I hit the long ball, kind of fell off to my left a little bit, saw him take the touch by [Michael] Bradley and then I started to organize our prevent defense. All of a sudden I see the ball hit the back of the net and I was like, ‘Holy crap, what a shot.’ But yeah, definitely, anytime you play anybody in this league, regardless of who it is, what the record is, it's a tough game. There's no bad teams, there's a lot of parity in this league. So you have to be ready and ready for anything, no matter who you play. I think it was showcased tonight. Toronto probably had the better of us in the first half but we were able to hold it and then take advantage of our opportunities.”

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