Orlando Pride

💭 Kylie Strom: Pride 'on cloud nine' after taking down top of the table Washington Spirit

Orlando Pride Head Coach Seb Hines  

Opening statement 

“We knew it was going to be tough game. Washington is unbeaten in the league and very physical. I thought we managed the game really well. Pleased with the goals. You know we changed shape, we changed our formation, having played them earlier on in Challenge Cup, we knew what they were capable of, and we knew that they were threatening. I thought it was a big collective effort to get the three points today.” 

On the team's performance against the top team in the league 

“It's always been there right. We knew that early on in the season, that wasn't a reflection of who we are, and this was always going to take time and now you’re starting to see what we are capable of doing. Beating the [team at the] top of the table just shows that the players can go away full of confidence knowing that they can beat anyone in the league now. Again, it’s taking time. When it's hard, they put absolutely everything into it. There wasn’t a blade of grass that we didn’t cover today, and it was a great effort from everyone, and it probably is a statement to the league that we are here to win and here to stay and to perform.” 

On Anna Moorehouse’s performance 

“It was great. There wasn’t a lot for her to do last week at Gotham but today she was massive for us. It's so important that everyone does their job. The work that the players in front, have to run, have to battle, have to fight and she's there as a safety. The saves that she made really were so important for us to get the three points today. Anna [Moorehouse] was one of many that put a really good performance together today.” 

On Marta and her performance in the match 

“Any forward wants to get that feeling back and it’s a testament to her recovery, coming back from a long-term injury. You don't want anyone else stepping up for that penalty other than her. She's been in that moment so often on the biggest stage. We had full confidence in her hitting the back of the back of net. Obviously, it’s a great feeling for her and the team.”

Orlando Pride Defender Kylie Strom 

On scoring her first goal of the season and it being the game-winner 

“I’m on cloud nine, I mean it feels so good. We knew we could beat them. They are obviously a really good team, undefeated, but it was a whole team effort. We’ve been working so hard this year and it’s so nice to see it finally come together, but we know there is still so much work to do, we’re not done so we keep grinding.”  

On what she saw during the goal  

“We’ve been working on that exact play, Paul [Crichton] has drawn that up time and time again. Every game he’s scouting set pieces, so credit to him. Marta, absolutely perfect service I honestly didn’t have to do much, I was just in the right place at the right time. Great delivery, great goal.”  

On her development as a player 

“It’s just enjoying the process honestly. Enjoying going to training every day, offseason just putting in the work and just never being satisfied honestly. I think we really do have something special here. Every day we just go in with a smile on our face, work hard and to have the results paying off feels really good and we keep going.”

Orlando Pride Forward Marta

On her first goal since returning from injury

“I'm so happy that I scored my first goal. I just didn't think about it so much because of the moment in the game. I just thought, ‘Yes, we scored! I scored a penalty.’ I think it's double pressure because if you miss, you don't know how the game is going to go for you and for your team. I was so happy that I [scored] and that we won this game.”

On the importance of beating the best team in the league

“It means a lot when you're against a team that is at the top of the table. I don't think they've lost any games before this. It's extra special. This is a team with veteran [players] like me, but also many new players, young players who want to help build this team and build something special. So of course, it is important for the team. We have so many things that we know we need to get better at.”

On leading by example

“I think the best example to show them is by doing and being active. I can still do things like that, and they are so young, they can too. Helping them with details that are important for the team. When we play against teams like [Washington], it's difficult. We don't get to score so many goals. We need to be able to keep the ball a little bit more, love having the ball, and enjoy having the ball a little bit more. We don't feel comfortable yet, but I think we can work on this and I hope we can learn day-by-day in training and in games to be that team that we want to be.”